Brusha, Brusha, Brusha

I wonder how many out there remember Bucky Beaver, the Ipana toothpaste mascot from yester year? I know I made my folks buy me Ipana because of him. I can hear him now.

“Brusha, Brusha, Brusha. Here’s the new Ipana.”

He came to my mind today, because I had my second visit with Doctor Rodriguez.

Today she worked on the right side of my mouth. I really have to say that I didn’t enjoy the experience. It was not all that painful since she provided me with some very effective pain shots. It is the mental stress while the cleaning is going on that I don’t like. I could hear her cleaning and I could sense the cleaning and I know I had a death grip in the sides of the dental chair.

I am really happy that I have found a good dental periodontist. She did a very good job and I know my mouth will enjoy the finished product just as soon as my mind quits thinking about the next visit.

After today’s visit, I was told not to eat meat or mango or other stringy foods for at least 36 hours. So I stopped by El Rey and bought some Maggi soup. Only 33 more hours and I can eat some meat.

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