Visit to Los Molinos

Yesterday I stopped in Los Molinos on the way back from Boquete. I have been there before, but one of my passengers hadn’t and wanted to see it. When we got to the main entry the guard came out and we told him we wanted to drive through. He got his clipboard with a sign in sheet for me to sign and then we entered.

It was a couple of months ago that I had a friend visit and we were in Boquete for the Flower Festival. He wanted to see Valle Escondido so we drove over. At the gate we were turned away. Los Molinos was much friendlier.

It had changed a lot since I saw it last. It is really a pretty place. There was a man made lake and all of the grounds were well kept.

We stopped at the hotel and I took several photos. While I didn’t take other photos of the houses, they all have a similar styling to the hotel. This is a photo of the Hotel.

I asked the price of the hotel rooms and was told they ranged from $125 to $170 a night. I asked about the jubliado discount and was told that they give a 25% discount on the rooms.

This is a restaurant area in the hotel.

This is a lounge sitting area in the hotel.

The hotel and the outside bar are built close to a large drop-off. Here are a few photos to the sides of the hotel and bar area.

This is the bar area. It has some fabulous views!

This photo was taken from the back of the bar and gives you a good look at the river below.

This is a photo of the swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

We enjoyed out visit and the warmness of the staff that we met. If I had the money, I could be happy living here even though I don’t typically like gated areas.

8 thoughts on “Visit to Los Molinos

  1. Some nice photos of the hotel and the grounds my husband and I visited there last July 2006 and like you if we could have afforded one of their properties I would have bought there.

    However we have bought in Brisas but I will visit the grounds of Los Molinos when I am back in Boquete this July 2007.

  2. Hi Don,

    I can’t wait. However this time is only for a short time. I hope to be retiring in a couple more years. Each year I will come for a stay. It is so nice of you to to take pictures of places and things that you have been to or attended. It does help us who are new to the area.

    I do like David and will make sure that whenever I am in Panama I visit some of the places that you have shown or talked about.

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