Panama Roulette

I am sure you have heard of Russian roulette. I am convinced that Panama has its own version. I saw on the local news today that another of the large buses that run continually from David to Panama City and back had an accident yesterday.

From what I heard, the bus driver had fallen asleep. Last year there was the huge bus fire that killed many people in Panama City. I have seen several bus accidents and read about more accidents since moving here in 2003.

I am sure, if I ever ride one of these buses, my mind will tell me I am playing Panama Roulette.

8 thoughts on “Panama Roulette

  1. Of course, it is a Roulette, and you don´t know the countless experiences of many travelers some of whom have sent written complaints, and they are still waiting for an answer. There is material for a whole book.

  2. June last year the next bus out after mine from PC to David had an accident with I believe 2 fatalities and 33 injured. The driver who at the time was 45 minutes behind my bus managed to lose control. This was in the daytime with light on and off rain. Gives one pause.

  3. The rain adds a little extra danger because the buses are driven fast and hydroplaning is possible. Also the shoulders on all the roads leave a little to be desired. If you get over on a shoulder you are asking for an accident.

    Accidents at night are more likely than in the daytime, but they happen at all hours of the day.

    Happy to hear that it was the bus after yours.

  4. My husband and I when we are in Panama last July we took the night bus to David. At the time I was not aware of this site or it may have detered us from doing so after reading some of these comments.

    However like you said I suppose we are playing Panama Roulete. The ride was okay we slept most of the way. The only complaint that we thought at the time was the air conditioning it was so cold we almost froze.

    We are back in Panama this July and we was planning on taking the bus again but preferably in the day. We may rethink this journer. However I don’t like the small planes either.

  5. Pearl – Everyone typically complains about how cold it is on the buses. If I were to take a bus (I never say never), I would want to go in the daytime.

    Related to taking the planes, I never worry about it. However in the rainy season, I only fly on the morning flight. Usually the mornings are nice and flying in the Panama rain is something I prefer not doing.

  6. yeah i have friend that have been in bus acciedents here in Panama City. thanks god there are alive but sadly their memories of being with people who died terrifies they!! so, i decied to do a paper on the reson why there are so many bus acciedents in Panama. that this website have helped thank !!!

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