Sunday In Boquete

Since Sunday is my designated day to go somewhere and since I had not visited the new plaza in Boquete, that was today’s outing. I thought it would be a good day to try El Hibiscus restaurant again.

Unfortunately for me, it only opens in the evening. I guess I will not try it because driving to Boquete at night is not my idea of fun. I hope its consistency has improved and it must have if it is able to sustain itself with only even crowds in this high rent district of Plaza Los Establos.

Since I was here, I still looked around. Many of the stores have not been finished or rented and some weren’t open for business.

One store that was open was Cosechas Wine Store.

They have a fair selection of wine and liquor. Some of the prices I looked at were about 1 to 2 dollars higher per bottle than in David. Still it would be cheaper than the drive to David.

If you are a cigar smoker they did have cigars. Not being an aficionado, I can’t say if they Cuban, Dominican, or whatever, but I feel certain they aren’t Boquetean.

In their cooler they had a few other things to make for a festive party.

Then I came upon Cocina Rica.

This is one of my favorite places in David and they have recently opened in Boquete. They have the same delicious pastries that I am familiar with in David.

Servio is here behind the counter. If you go in tell him I recommend the coconut cream pie (they don’t have it yet, but maybe with a few hints they will add it to the menu).

This is another store that is opening up. The item at the top of the list is “Web Page Desing”. It has been a while since my page has been desed, but I now know who can handle the job.

Since El Hibiscus wasn’t open, I decided to go th Hotel Panamonte. I have always liked their food and it had been over two years since I ate there, so off I go. Here is what I found.

I guess I was just supposed to eat at Delicias de Peru.

There were three of us and we all enjoyed the meal.

We started off with an appetizer tray of various seafoods. The presentation was very nice.

Then one person has a seafood plate that also had chicarone. I was told it was great.

I had Aji gallina a nice Peruvian dish that I have had before in David at Mar del Sur. It was very good and $5+.

The last person had soup and also enjoyed it.

Gisele was our waitress and was most courteous. If you see her, tell her you saw her on the Internet.

They had this painting on the wall and it reminded me, that I still need to go see Machu Picchu. Note to self – schedule a vacation.

To top off a great meal we stopped at the little German shop (Pasteleria Alemana) on the edge of Boquete and had a strawberry tart and I bought a bag of the fabulous chocolate chip cookies. The last time I was there they were all gone. What a way to finish a trip to Boquete.

10 thoughts on “Sunday In Boquete

  1. This proved to be a nice trip and I got to see what I used to get to see here when I got out more and drove some distance to eat in a fancy restaurant only to find it was closed or out of business. This was a most interesting post Don.

    Thanks for visiting my place. Glad you got to see the 75x300mm lens I use. It isn’t telephoto but works up to a point.

  2. Hi Omar – Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, Boquete seems to change every time i go up there from the last time I was there. Hope you enjoyed the meal as much as i did.

    Remember, if you need your website “desed” you know where to go.

  3. Hi Don. Thanks for wanting to try El Hibiscus again. They currently are only open for breakfast (7 to 11 M-W, F-Sun) and dinner (5:30 to 10 every night but Sunday). Because the chef has had to train (and is currently still doing so) new staff, lunch will be on hold for a while. Additionally, the new mall has had problems with their consistency – one night, no water – one day, no electricity and then you can repeat and interchange those problems for the past 2 months. That does not sit well with persons in the restaurant business (or in a wine store too dark to read the labels).

    Despite the difficulties, I believe El Hibiscus still rates as one of the best in Boquete. The breakfasts are delightful, reasonably priced and the place is usually crowded during the week and crammed on the weekend. Dinners, when I have been there, have been extremely well attended. And the food has not suffered even with the utility problems. I think, other than some daily specials, the entree menu has only gone up by 50 cents (trout accompanied with your selection from at least 8 different daily-made French sauces, and sides went from $9 to $9.50). Still a good deal.

    I wish I could say the same about the prices at Antojitos. Went there last week after she opened in her new place to discover that once again the prices had been increased. This time the chilaquiles went to $4.50. When I first started eating there, they were $3.00. An individual tostada was $1.25 a year ago, now $2.75. The chili con carne is now $4.75 up from $3.50 when she started making it.

    I guess that spotlights Boquete’s growing pains (and the consumers pocket pains)…………

  4. Thanks for the update. When the owners ofthe property up their rent the business proprietors have not choice but to up their charges to cover their expenses. For some it is merely progress. For many locals it will be pricing it beyoud their means.

  5. Hi Don, you made us really miss Boquete. May was our last trip to our little casa. Can’t wait to return, you help us keep up with the changes in between trips back. Thanks! Michael and Jackie

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