Never Read Some Blogs When You Are Hungry

When I moved to my current theme, I placed my link section on one of the upper tabs and removed them from the sidebar. One of the drawbacks is that I have to remember to check on some of the sites I used to look at on a daily basis. Today, I went to my blog roll area and visited two of the cooking sites I haven’t been to in a while.

The two sites are Simple Recipes and Homesick Texan. I enjoy both of these sites, but today I went there, not having had my lunch. BIG mistake! I may now have to replace my keyboard because of all the drool that was caused by my visit.

If you have eaten and want to visit two very good sites with extremely good recipes, go there at your own risk.

7 thoughts on “Never Read Some Blogs When You Are Hungry

  1. Hi Don,

    It’s me again, Rob from The Netherlands.

    Seems to me that food is a very important thing in any expat’s live, same with me. What I wonder is do all of you (mostly from the US) have ever heard of Indonisian food ?

    When I finally make it over to the David area (hopefully this year) I think you will want to visit me for dinner. Indonesian food is not comparible to any other type of food in the world. Some people might say that Thai or Chinees is the same……dream on.

    I’m also a pretty good chef with French and Italian food, and Dutch !!!

    Do any of you reading this know if there are any Indonesian herbs in the shops or should I start importing it?

    Now I’m hungry !


  2. Hi Liza – Thanks for dropping in. I don’t miss the ice storms that I lived through in Texas. I keep up with your weather since my kids still live in Texas.

  3. Rob, Rob, Rob!!!! I beg you to open a restaurant. We suffer from a lack of dishes that use spices or perhaps a lack of cooking personnel who know how to use spices. Perhaps one of the problems is the lack of accessibility of some of the most well used spices in cooking ethnic foods from the far East, Pacific and southeast Asia.

    We eat rijstaffel any time we can find it where ever we go. Some of the best in recent years was at a small restaurant on the island of Bonaire off the coast of Venezuela.

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