ABEL Market in David

On the way back from the farmer’s market by the library yesterday, I stopped at ABEL’s market. I needed bananas and the market I had been going to had slipped up and showed me they were charging gringo prices. The last time I went in to buy bananas they priced them at two for a dime. Recently they had charged me three for a dime (which I thought was high), but this was a new person and to him I was a new gringo. I asked why two for a dime because the last time it was three for a dime. I had been used to two for a nickel, but this market was close and had good produce. After the question he decided that three for a dime was the correct price and I decided that it was time to shop for another market.

ABEL market is the one I found.

This market is near the Parque de las Madres and toward Romeros. Bananas are two for a nickel here. He also has nice produce and one new customer.

This is Abel himself and I enjoyed talking to him. If you are in David and want to buy vegetables and fruit at the same price as the Panamanians give Abel a try. Tell him that you saw him on the Internet in Chiriquí Chatter.

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