Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market

I happened to be by the David Library this morning and noticed that there were several small stands set up with several of the farmers selling their products. I got there a little after 12:00 PM and some were closing up. I asked and found out that the venders arrive about 6:00 AM and stay until 12:00 PM or when they run out of products. I will have to get up earlier one Saturday and go when all the stands are well stocked.

I picked up several things including a bag of new beans, which look like they would be perfect for chili. I think another batch of my chili is not far off. I also got a couple bags of what appears to be raspberries.

I took this photo of some small papayas that I thought were interesting. This is a close-up and the fruit is no more than two inches long. To the upper right you can see a small onion to help you gauge the size.

small Papayas

8 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market

  1. La Gringa – This was the first time I had seen ones this small. Normally I see the large papayas. I have seen some smaller ones, but they were still about twice the size of these. The smaller ones I have bought in the past have tended to be sweeter than the larger ones.

  2. It grows in the highlands like Cerro Punta, Panama. “Papayita” is the common name here, I don’t know the scientific name. Long, long ago, the seeds were brought from another country. While peeling them, your hands will itch a lot. In marmalade, they are delicious. I’m sure Conservas de Antaño, in Boquete, can give more information. The inner part ( seeds) may be mixed with sugar and water. Let me tell you the juice has a great taste too.

  3. Thanks for the added information Hilda. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy any yesterday and now I am really curious about the flavor.

    Thanks for the information about peeling them. My itching from the chigger bites has just ended and I am not ready for more itching just yet. Maybe I can convince someone else to prepare them. 🙂

  4. Hi Don:

    Can you elaborate about the farmers market please?
    Do they sell any local crafts or is it all food?



  5. I saw some flowers the day I was there, but other than that it was just fruit and vegetables. I will try to get some photos another day if I can get there when they have just opened.

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