Cultural Differences: Greetings (Honduras and Panama)

One of my favorite blogs to read is a blog called La Gringa’s Blogicito and it contains the daily musings of a gringa living in Honduras. I enjoy La Gringa’s writing style and her adventures with her garden, her dogs, her chickens and observations of living in Honduras.

In a recent post that she did, she wrote about cultural differences that she has observed, specifically “Greetings”.

All of the things she mentions are also accepted and practiced in Panama, so I thought I would point you to her post in case you are considering visiting or moving to Panama. This will acclimate you some of the customs and some phrases you will encounter.

To go to her post, click here.

5 thoughts on “Cultural Differences: Greetings (Honduras and Panama)

  1. Don,

    In Panama, “adios” is rarely used.

    It signifys a more permanent goodbye. Almost its root origin, ‘to God”.

    I know if I want to tick the ‘lil women off, I give her an “adios” at the end of the conversation. Usually it then does not end…

  2. Hi Reggie – Yes here it is much more common to receive an “Hasta …” followed by luego, Lunes, la proxima vez or something similar where “adios” refers to much a longer duration.

    Oh and be nice to the “lil woman”. You never know what small thing can create a Lorena Bobbitt. 🙂

  3. Hi don Don Ray,

    I’m honored to be in your favorite list! Your blog is one of my favorites, too. It has a very relaxing tone to it that I really enjoy. Even when you are mad, you sound relaxed. How do you do that?

    We don’t hear ‘adiós’ that much here either except when used in that odd “hello-goodbye, I don’t have time for you” sense. It’s funny that that two Spanish greeting words most familiar to North Americans, hola and adiós, aren’t really the most commonly used words here. Maybe they are used more in Mexico. Nos vemos is the goodbye expression that I hear the most here in Honduras.

    Thanks for the mention of my article. I’m glad that you enjoyed it and I’m glad to hear that I’ll know how to act properly if I ever come to Panama.

  4. A funny thing to me was hearing the response to “Como esta?” and the person would say “Muy Bien – Gracias a Dios”. What I would hear was “Gracias adios”, and for a while thought they were saying “Thank you – goodbye”.

    Normally here they say, when parting, is”Hasta luego” or “Chao”.

  5. That is funny. I had a chuckle over that. It reminds me of something that confused me for the longest time. I would hear “Nombre!” frequently when El Jefe was having conversations. I couldn’t imagine why people would be exclaiming, “Name!”

    After about the hundredth time, I asked him why he and others were saying Nombre! What they were actually saying is “No, hombre!” (No, man!). Live and learn. I’m just glad I didn’t say it to try to be cool.

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