Yahoo Group Meeting at Panama Bills

Last night many of the Gringos in David Yahoo group met at Panama Bill’s. I normally don’t care to get out in the evening, but my past experience was so bad at Panama Bills, that I had to go to see if the new management had any effect on the quality of the food.

I ordered the barbeque pork sandwich and was pleased with it. The size was reasonable and the flavor was good. It came with French fries and coleslaw for $4.00. Others at my table ordered tacos and they were happy with them.

Other comments that I heard were that the beer could have been colder (isn’t that always the case), but most were satisfied with what they ordered. The tables were round so it wasn’t as convenient to pull them together as in the places that have square tables.

I liked the food well enough that if I am in that area around lunchtime someday I will probably try it again.

As you can tell from the following photo, we met in the outdoor area.

The bar area has a tropical theme and those, at my table, told me that the piña coladas were good.

If you tried the old Panama Bills and were as displeased, as I was, you should have a different experience this time. Time will tell, but it was a big improvement for me over my last visit.

14 thoughts on “Yahoo Group Meeting at Panama Bills

  1. dear don,

    a little more than a year ago we were in david for valentine’s

    day we made friends with some of the employees i had a pasta

    dish with pork wine and dessert it was romantic and wonderful i

    had not commented till now but you reminded me of our times in david

    thank you . ellen

  2. Hi Ellen. Thanks for leaving a comment. I assume you intended a comma after pork. If not then you had a wine, that thankfully, I have never tasted. 🙂

  3. Dear Don Ray Williams,

    Definitely, Ellen intended a comma after pork. This joke has made my day. Thank you.

    Nice to hear that you had a better experience at that restaurant. Whatever the place and country, we usually pass the voice between friends…. “The chef is not the same./ The administration is different./ They didn´ t discount the mandatory 25% for senior citizens, but only 10%, so bye, bye./ etc, etc, etc. A good reference can make a big difference. You don´t have to be retired once you comply with the age established by the law, showing the cedula is enough. Something else: if you don´t previously ask for your rights, there is no obligation on the part of any business to make a discount automatically.

    Best regards,


  4. Just sorry we could not be there. Stuck here in Georgia until April 9th. Then – watch out – the Limeys will be returning………..

  5. Don,

    I had the BBQ ribs and there were good. Not the best I’ve had – I’m from Virginia, but pretty good for Panama. I like frosted mugs. Are you listening Panama Bill?


  6. Ron – I am happy to hear that you liked the ribs. That was what drove me away the first time.

    Since then I have been pretty happy with the ribs at TGIF.

  7. Harking back to the pork wine: With my wife, Ellen, you can never really be sure. But that’s part of the fun.

  8. Drinkin’ wine, wine, swine wine all the time! Or was that “fine wine”. Well, Ellen’s not talkin’; so maybe we’ll never know.

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