Dental Esthetic Follow-up

On January 29th I wrote about a new dental clinic called Dental Esthetic. I had my first appointment today with Doctor Miriam Rodriguez. I thought I would give you my impression now that I have more experience.

First her clinic is brand new and located in Plaza Mallorca. I was interested in finding a specialist that really knew how to clean teeth and to take care of gum problems. I was certain I had some problems since my gums were bleeding some when I brushed. I have gone to dentists faithfully since coming to Panama. First to Jeffrey Joyner in Boquete and last to Octavio Ortega Barraza in David. While both of them were ok for handling minor problems and fillings, neither really had given my teeth a proper cleaning.

Further neither of the previous dentists had told me I had a problem and in fact both had bragged on how well I brushed my teeth. I knew better, but had no better choices. Well that is past. For a specialist in periodontal care I have found someone equal to the best I went to in the US. Today’s cleaning was extremely thorough and was $25. I have two more sessions scheduled, which are going to be deeper cleanings.

I never like to go to the dentist, but it is better than not having teeth.

I think I mentioned in my first post that Doctor Rodriguez currently has a tooth whitening special going on for $120, which I think is half price.

11 thoughts on “Dental Esthetic Follow-up

  1. I would personally recommend Dr. Halphen in David. I broke a tooth of my bottom partial. He glued the tooth back after about 45 minutes and for $25.00. My wife, Dee, needs some work done and we will be going back to see him when we finally come to stay on April 10th. He speaks very good English and was trained in Brazil.

  2. Hey, Don, does her receptionist speak English? Where is Plaza Mallorca. Dr. Rodriguez sounds interesting to me.

  3. Don Ray, thanks for your comments and am the Assistant Esthetic Dental Hygiene, pasientes try to feel comfortable once they lose the fear of going to the orthodontist, Dr. Miriam is very grateful to the comments we hope you visit us. Haissell greetings

    .Dental cleaning, diagnosis with the intraoral camera at half price adult.
    .Cleaning and x-ray diagnosis in children
    Bl/12.00 only.
    .Promotion in the treatment of prevention of caries,
    fosetas and dental fissures
    .Blanquiamiento than just dental Bl/150.00.

  5. I am looking for someone who can do implants in the David/Boquete area. What do they cost? I am aware of dental care in Costa Rica and know that it is economical and excellent. What of David?

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