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The title notifies you that this is one of those posts that sometimes annoys some of my readers and sparked an interesting comment session not too long ago. Just thought I would warn you in case you wanted to skip this post and continue reading elsewhere.

If you happened to be on this morning you may have witnesses the background scheme changing pretty frequently. I had never been totally satisfies with my darker green background that I had put in with the upgrade to version 3.0 of Misty Look. I think I like the current background better and it should put me in a more peaceful mood throughout the day.

The second part of this post is anti-virus software related. For some reason I decided about a week ago to try out some different anti-virus software products again. I had been using the free AOL software, which is based on McAfee, and while I was satisfied with it, just needed something to do so I removed it and installed the new 2007 version of FPROT.

I had no problems with either uninstalling AOL antivirus or the install of FPROT, but after activating FPROT my PC slowed down immensely. Anytime the email programs were accessed the PC would just slog along until what ever the anti-virus software was doing completed. After a week of this I decided that the 30-day trial had ended and removed FPROT and have installed Fsecure.

My PC is running like I think it should once more. It appears that the new 2007 version of FPROT needs a little performance improvements. My needs to do something technical has been satisfied and I won’t need another fix for 30 days when I decide on some new technical task.

While I have said I would not upgrade to Vista, I am still contemplating it and in a few more months when MS has worked out more of the normal release bugs, I might consider putting it on this PC.

6 thoughts on “Technical Updates

  1. Vista has implemented a DRM (Digital Rights Management) approach that can have negative impacts on your system. For example of what Microsoft has done with Vista in this area, see

    My wife’s new portable has Vista Premium. So far we have had problems with Firefox & copying CDs. I am less than impressed so far – I would wait a bit (we have had about twenty operating systems updates so far) until things are stable. My portable is running on XP & I don’t plan to update this computer.


  2. Rob – Thanks for the comment. That was a very interesting article. I am in no rush and am also considering just going to Apple. Articles like that one make it more of a consideration.

  3. Don Ray:
    My wife, daughter, and granddaughter are using F-Prot partially because of favorable site license for home (up to five users). None of them has the performance penalty you mention. Is it possible that AOL wasn’t completely disabled?

    I personally plan to stay far, far, away from Vista. I have seen no evidence of serious improvement and plenty of evidence of ongoing poor programming practices.

    Too bad most dealers (Best Buy, Dell, etc.) don’t give an option to install XP. I’ve been looking for a laptop, and if I get Windows on it, it will have to be XP. I’m a Linux user and might consider using XP in a VM. The other alternative is to get a Mac.

  4. Hi Tuxi – No AOL was completely out of the system. I have used FPROT before with no problems. I am wondering if it is a problem their new 2007 version.

    I agree with your current assessment of Vista. It is really starting to look like Microsoft has blown it.

  5. Tuxi,

    We looked at a MAC, but the portable is almost three times the cost of the Toshiba that we bought for my wife. By having one of our computers running vista I can evaluate it on a personal basis. Since I am in the environmental software development business, my clients drive what operating systems I have to support. We have the Microsoft Application Pack, so we have multiple licenses for the operating systems, so I can install XP Pro over Vista if need be.

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