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Security Update from ACS – Pre-operational Criminal Surveillance Prior to Home Invasion

Here is the latest ACS message.

Date: 28 February 2007

Subject: Security Update – Pre-operational Criminal Surveillance Prior to Home Invasion

The Embassy would like to inform all members of the U.S. Citizen Community to be aware of pre-operational criminal surveillance that local law enforcement authorities have identified in Panama City in recent months. The criminals appear to be clean cut, well dressed men. They are believed to be Colombian or Costa Rican. They gain entry into homes with ruses of: the word of God, sales of household cleaning supplies, carpet cleaning, etc. Continue reading Security Update from ACS – Pre-operational Criminal Surveillance Prior to Home Invasion

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha

I wonder how many out there remember Bucky Beaver, the Ipana toothpaste mascot from yester year? I know I made my folks buy me Ipana because of him. I can hear him now.

“Brusha, Brusha, Brusha. Here’s the new Ipana.”

He came to my mind today, because I had my second visit with Doctor Rodriguez.

Today she worked on the right side of my mouth. I really have to say that I didn’t enjoy the experience. It was not all that painful since she provided me with some very effective pain shots. It is the mental stress while the cleaning is going on that I don’t like. I could hear her cleaning and I could sense the cleaning and I know I had a death grip in the sides of the dental chair.

I am really happy that I have found a good dental periodontist. She did a very good job and I know my mouth will enjoy the finished product just as soon as my mind quits thinking about the next visit.

After today’s visit, I was told not to eat meat or mango or other stringy foods for at least 36 hours. So I stopped by El Rey and bought some Maggi soup. Only 33 more hours and I can eat some meat.

McCormick Manwich Chili

Yesterday I had another chili craving. Being a little lasy, I decided to just use the old reliable McCormick seasoning. I thought I had everything else until I was well underway cooking the meat. Then I noticed I had already used up the last of my tomato sauce.

While I was searching I saw that I still had a couple cans of Manwich sauce for making sloppy Joes. I really didn’t want to get out again, so I thought I would just Manwich my chili.

Manwich turned out to be a good substitute. I have used it for spaghetti sauce as well. I wonder if the Manwich people know how versatile this stuff is. It is sort of like the Swiss army knife for cooking.

Visit to Los Molinos

Yesterday I stopped in Los Molinos on the way back from Boquete. I have been there before, but one of my passengers hadn’t and wanted to see it. When we got to the main entry the guard came out and we told him we wanted to drive through. He got his clipboard with a sign in sheet for me to sign and then we entered.

It was a couple of months ago that I had a friend visit and we were in Boquete for the Flower Festival. He wanted to see Valle Escondido so we drove over. At the gate we were turned away. Los Molinos was much friendlier.

It had changed a lot since I saw it last. It is really a pretty place. There was a man made lake and all of the grounds were well kept.

We stopped at the hotel and I took several photos. While I didn’t take other photos of the houses, they all have a similar styling to the hotel. This is a photo of the Hotel.

Continue reading Visit to Los Molinos

Panama Roulette

I am sure you have heard of Russian roulette. I am convinced that Panama has its own version. I saw on the local news today that another of the large buses that run continually from David to Panama City and back had an accident yesterday.

From what I heard, the bus driver had fallen asleep. Last year there was the huge bus fire that killed many people in Panama City. I have seen several bus accidents and read about more accidents since moving here in 2003.

I am sure, if I ever ride one of these buses, my mind will tell me I am playing Panama Roulette.

Never Read Some Blogs When You Are Hungry

When I moved to my current theme, I placed my link section on one of the upper tabs and removed them from the sidebar. One of the drawbacks is that I have to remember to check on some of the sites I used to look at on a daily basis. Today, I went to my blog roll area and visited two of the cooking sites I haven’t been to in a while.

The two sites are Simple Recipes and Homesick Texan. I enjoy both of these sites, but today I went there, not having had my lunch. BIG mistake! I may now have to replace my keyboard because of all the drool that was caused by my visit.

If you have eaten and want to visit two very good sites with extremely good recipes, go there at your own risk.

ABEL Market in David

On the way back from the farmer’s market by the library yesterday, I stopped at ABEL’s market. I needed bananas and the market I had been going to had slipped up and showed me they were charging gringo prices. The last time I went in to buy bananas they priced them at two for a dime. Recently they had charged me three for a dime (which I thought was high), but this was a new person and to him I was a new gringo. I asked why two for a dime because the last time it was three for a dime. I had been used to two for a nickel, but this market was close and had good produce. After the question he decided that three for a dime was the correct price and I decided that it was time to shop for another market.

ABEL market is the one I found.

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