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TOEFL Commitment

Starting tomorrow, I will begin working with Natalie for her preparation to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) examination. Natalie is a college graduate from Universidad Latina in Panama City. She has been working for an Office of the United Nations in Panama City.

She has ambitions to travel and work in some other parts of the world and the TOEFL examination is a prerequisite for many positions she is interested in.

There is a possibility that this preparation may retire enough work that my posting on the Internet may be effected, but I think it is a good cause and I have agreed to work with Natalie. Wish her luck!

Here are the two main sources I will be using to assist her in preparation.
I will augment with other resources from the Internet if necessary.

David Showing of “An Inconvenient Truth”

I just received the following information from Antonio M. Singh.

I think I will try to go see it. The room will handle 150 people.

El Semanario Educativo Culturama
La Fundación Cultural Gallegos
La Asociación Ambientalista de Chiriquí
Y la Universidad Tecnologica Oteima

Will present the Documentary: “An inconvenient truth”
by the Vice President Al Gore which offers a passionate and inspirational look at one man’s fervent crusade to halt global warming’s.

Monday 29th in David at Universidad Tecnológica
Oteima, Salón La Ballesta,
6:00 P.M.

Cost: 1.00 p/p

Antonio M. Singh C.
Director General
Chiriquí Eventos Cultural

Blog Upgrades

WordPress 2.1 came out and I have installed it. While there are some changes to the blog engine, you should not notice any real effect.

I decided to update the Misty Look theme to the latest version also, which is 3.0. In doing this I have changed the background color and still have a few more things to tweak, but in general, the page should be functioning as before. If you have any problems as a result of either of these upgrades, leave me a comment.

Tambor Is Moving

In case you have been wondering about what was going into the old Texaco building, across from Hielo Crystal on the Interamerican Highway, as I have, I now have the answer. Last night I received a comment from Jorge Luis De Puy last night telling me that Tambor was moving a couple of days before Carnival. I think the new location is going to me more convenient.

I stopped by this morning to check the progress and they are going to have to hustle to make his projected date. I really like Tambor and they have done a good job in servicing my car in the past. I also bought my last set of tires there.

If you purchase a new Honda then you will get to know them because they are also the authorized service center for Honda in David.

Amílcar Joyeros, S.A. de David

You may not have noticed in the photo of my watch last September on TGI Friday’s opening day, but the crystal had a chip in it. When I took it off one night to take my shower, I wasn’t careful and it slipped off on the tile floor created a chip. The photo to the left is how it was last September. You can see the chip at the 37-minute mark.

Well just like those small rock chips you get driving, Sunday I noticed that the chip had blossomed into a larger problem. When I saw it I rubbed my finger across it and it cut my finger. I decided I better get it fixed before it became any worse.

This is a new model Citizen Promaster that I found in Panama City at Albrook Mall last year. Trying to find a jewelry store in David that could replace the crystal turned into a major chore. I went to four jewelry stores before one recommended that I go to Amílcar Joyeros, S.A. de David. This store is in downtown David on the left side of the street that runs from the old C&W building toward Banco Banistmo. Continue reading Amílcar Joyeros, S.A. de David

Bistec Mongol at Café Don Sui

It had been a while since I had gone to Café Don Sui for lunch. Today seemed like a great day to go so I did. I have several favorites, but today I ordered Bistec Mongol. It is listed as being a little spicy, but I always think it is pretty tame. I still like the flavor. The cheese stuffed wontons are another of my favorites and I like the soup that comes with the order. $3.50 minus my jubilado discount. It almost isn’t worth cooking when you can get food like this for such a good price.

Parque Cervantes January 2007 Update

This morning I drove down town to update the status on Parque Cervantes. You may remember on my last post in December, I was told that the target was the end of January. The new target is March 19th to be ready for El Dia de San José and the David Fair. Good Luck. A lot of work has been done, but there is still a lot to do.

The first photo shows that the central fountain has had a lot of work and really accents the park.

Continue reading Parque Cervantes January 2007 Update