la Frontera (Paso Canoas)

I took a trip up to the Frontera this afternoon; I had some jeans I needed to exchange at Almacen Wong Chang. If you go to the Frontera, this is one of the stores you want to visit. While I was in the Frontera I took a few photos. This is just a small portion that you will see, but it will give you a taste of this area.

Parking is always a problem. I had to park down by a PIO PIO chicken restaurant because all the parking in front of Wong Chang was full. This is the store across the street from the PIO PIO.

Before I crossed the street I noticed this rack of gas tanks. I don’t think I have ever taken a photo of these tanks before. These tanks are what most folks use for all their gas needs. The tanks are larger than the barbeque tanks in the US. Maybe by 50%, I am not sure. They cost around $5.50, again I forget the exact price. These tanks have the advantage that the price is regulated and it is cheaper to use these than the larger tanks, which are probably, equal to five of these. When I used to use the large tanks the price was always going up. With these the price stays the same.

This is looking right in the direction we just came from. Wong Chang is by the truck on the left.

Ok here we are at Wong Chang

If you are up here and have a lady that likes perfume, then check the prices here. Beware there will be many fellows trying to get your attention to sell you perfume out side of the stores, but in all likelihood they are imitations. These are the real thing.

Here is an area with fishing equipment.

They also have stereo equipment and CDs. In the upper area you will find clothes for men, women, children as well as shoes. You can buy Rockport shoes and similar brands here much cheaper than David.

They have a pretty large section of watches, but if I remember right they will be Japanese and no Swiss. Good choices in Citizen and Seiko.

That is not all of the areas in Wong Chang. There is a lot more. This is also representative of several other large stores in the Frontera.

Now I will take you into an area to the back of Wong Chang. This is a long narrow corridor that has small shops selling many different types of things, but mostly clothes.

This is the other direction and the way I am going to go.

My reason for going this way was this store. It is a duty free store. Don’t forget your passport.

If you like liqueurs, wine and any of the hard liquors, then you are in the right place. On some bottles, you will save enough to pay for your trip from David. If you buy enough you can even pay for your trip from Boquete. I like Amarula, which is a creamed liqueur from Africa that I think is better than Baileys.

This will let you know that the Wii is in Panama. Here it was $302. Remember that is the final price since this is the duty free store.

They also have a perfume section. It is good to know your prices though. Sometimes the duty free is not that much better but normally you will see some things here that you wont see in David (maybe some cameras and stereos etc.).

This is the street that is behind the corridor we came down. This is still Panama, but if we walked one more block we would be in Costa Rica.

This is looking the other direction.

Heading back to the car I passed a small shop selling DVDs, you may see some that not out yet. None of these are legal DVDs. Some have good quality and some don’t. I prefer to wait and rent at Blockbuster. One reason is that the counterfeit DVDs rarely have the extra portions of the DVD and I enjoy them many times as much as the movie itself.

After I took the photo of the DVDs the fellow behind the counter wanted his photo taken.

Well that is a part of the Frontera. It is usually always crowded on weekends. Many people from Costa Rica come here because their money will stretch a lot further. That is all for today. I hope you enjoyed the trip.

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  1. Don,
    What a great idea to share a picture of the gas tanks. Living in Panama I have come to realize how much I took for granted from the US. Now it seems I am starting to take things for granted here. Thanks for the wake up call. Now about the gas tanks. You are correct they are subsisdized. All through Panama the price for a #25 tank is $5. The fluctuation price is in the amount the retailer can charge per tank. $.25 – $.75.
    Thanks for the trip to Frontera, the last time I was there was with you! What, 2 years ago?

  2. Bout time for you to go again don’t you think? Thanks for completing the information on the tanks. I always seem to know a little about a lot of things, bot never everything about anything.

  3. The best bargains are on the Panama side. There is not all that much on the Costa Rica side that I remember. I have walked over there, but I only remember some bakeries, small eating places and hotels (if you really want to call them hotels.) In general, everything costs more in Costa Rica than in Panama.


  5. Wendy, find a sugar cane farmer and ask for warapo de caña. I have also heard it called caña nigra. If you get it in a clear bottle and shake it, the bubbles rise slowly to the surface. You will need a dedicated driver (for about the next 2 days).

    I had some stuff in the mountains of Venezuela, served in a demitasse. I don’t remember much else until the next day …
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  6. VERY NICE!!! Informative I’ve been straining this computer to learn anything about that Panama area. Ya and gas is 14 bucks a tank in costa rica. Good job!!

  7. Hola.
    Soy de Paso Canoas y me alegro ver estas fotos de mi pueblo.
    En las fotos de Wong Chang la Nº 5 se ve una de mis vecinas la de traje negro a la izq.
    El precio real regulado del tanque de gas es $5.52 aunque algunos abusan del precio es ilegal y puede ser multado ya que está subsidiado.
    Los mejores precios están en el lado panameño aunque nosotros compramos el aceite y jabón al lado de los “pura vida”
    Sólo al cruzar la Frontera el gas del mismo tamaño vale $12.00 aproximado. (en el lado tico)
    Cualquier pregunta estoy a la orden.
    Claro que solo entiendo español.

  8. Benjamin, en este momento me encuentro en panama, y palaneo pasar a costa rica manana, sabes si hay alguna restriccion de horario para le paso por la frontera??

  9. Hola Benjamin una pregunta crees q es bueno ir de conpras ala frontera y me gustaria saber como q venden de ropas y marcas ya que estare de paso y me gustaria comprar

  10. Hace varios años estuve en el almacen Wong chang, y compre algunas cosas de pesca y buceo, Cómo puedo hacer ahora que estoy en Colombia para comprar un arpon cressisub en el almacen Wong Chang. por favor necesito saber si despachan a colombia y cómo hago para cancelarlo.

    Mil gracias.
    312 2746692 Claro. Colombia.

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