The Sparrow Flew The Coop

Yesterday I received this email from Yvette which is related to a previous post.

Hello everyone:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but unfortunately I had to cancel the Boquete “Sparrow” Event… After speaking to Anayansi over the weekend it was the best thing to do for various reasons.

1) Anayansi and her husband thought that the tickets were too high, should be $15 and $20

2) She told me that she could not guarantee that the place would be full because there is simply a lot going on in Boquete already… Jazz Festival and soon La Feria De David.

Sparrow is very expensive and there is absolutely no way that I could entertain those rates and have enough to pay him and see a profit… He is a very big card even at his age so when she told me that, then there was no other alternative so I am presenting him only in Panama, I simply do not wish for him to go to Boquete and have 100 or 200 people in a place that is so big, trust me it would not cover the expenses of bussing everyone, Sparrow and his expenses and such…

Perhaps at a later date, I will put something less expensive for Boquete for he his way too expensive and I thought that it could be full but now it is not a guarantee so to make sure that no one loses, I rather withdraw…

I want to thank you (all) for looking out for me, for helping me and for being there when you were and I am sorry that I have to do this but I simply do not see any other way…

I will be in touch and perhaps pick a time when there is not that much activity in Boquete, I do want to get that way and we do get a lot of calls from Chiriqui people wanting us to take Los Combos Nacionales to Chiriqui so perhaps that is doable at a later date. If anyone cares to advice as to when is the best date to have something in Boquete, I am interested in knowing the best times to have an event there.

Thanks a million!


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