TOEFL Commitment

Starting tomorrow, I will begin working with Natalie for her preparation to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) examination. Natalie is a college graduate from Universidad Latina in Panama City. She has been working for an Office of the United Nations in Panama City.

She has ambitions to travel and work in some other parts of the world and the TOEFL examination is a prerequisite for many positions she is interested in.

There is a possibility that this preparation may retire enough work that my posting on the Internet may be effected, but I think it is a good cause and I have agreed to work with Natalie. Wish her luck!

Here are the two main sources I will be using to assist her in preparation.
I will augment with other resources from the Internet if necessary.

10 thoughts on “TOEFL Commitment

  1. Don Ray:

    An important factor is that you do a good job with photographing people–bringing out their inner qualities. Please keep us informed as to how the two of you are doing. Is she studying so that she can teach English herself?

  2. Thanks Tom. We are in the initial stages and will have to find out when she has to be prepared for the exam. After some study on the TOEFL, it is not a simple process and is going to require some significant work. She is really interested in working in some other parts of the world. This just happens to be a tool that opens more doors.

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