Bistec Mongol at Café Don Sui

It had been a while since I had gone to Café Don Sui for lunch. Today seemed like a great day to go so I did. I have several favorites, but today I ordered Bistec Mongol. It is listed as being a little spicy, but I always think it is pretty tame. I still like the flavor. The cheese stuffed wontons are another of my favorites and I like the soup that comes with the order. $3.50 minus my jubilado discount. It almost isn’t worth cooking when you can get food like this for such a good price.

7 thoughts on “Bistec Mongol at Café Don Sui

  1. Good Morning.
    Can you tell me where Cafe Don Sui is located. I don’t recognize the location from the picture and it sounds like a great place for lunch.

  2. Wheres the waitress pics? I ate at of all places at a Hospital in San Jose…not your ordinary Hospital looked like a 5 star restaurant, my waitress had on a see through blouse could see her bra, nobody seemed to mind including me! I love the Latin life style! Food was excellent and cheap. CIMA Hospital two big thumbs up!

  3. Hi Don, your blog/site is awesome and a great place to reminisce about my Panama, especially Chiriqui, through your eyes..I actually live in Dallas, TX but I was born and raised in Panama..LOL…
    Anywho, great pictures of food plates…man im trying to be healthy and sorta/vegetarian but with your pictures of the yummy panamanian food im having a hard time not craving me some meat 🙂

  4. oh and yes i know the plate shown here is not “Technically” panamanian but hey you should know that even oriental food in Panama tastes awesome :))

  5. Hi Sandra – I am from the Dallas area so it is good to hear from someone back home. Thanks for dropping in.

    And I think there are enough Chinese in Panama that Chinese food is pretty Panamanian.

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