Amílcar Joyeros, S.A. de David

You may not have noticed in the photo of my watch last September on TGI Friday’s opening day, but the crystal had a chip in it. When I took it off one night to take my shower, I wasn’t careful and it slipped off on the tile floor created a chip. The photo to the left is how it was last September. You can see the chip at the 37-minute mark.

Well just like those small rock chips you get driving, Sunday I noticed that the chip had blossomed into a larger problem. When I saw it I rubbed my finger across it and it cut my finger. I decided I better get it fixed before it became any worse.

This is a new model Citizen Promaster that I found in Panama City at Albrook Mall last year. Trying to find a jewelry store in David that could replace the crystal turned into a major chore. I went to four jewelry stores before one recommended that I go to Amílcar Joyeros, S.A. de David. This store is in downtown David on the left side of the street that runs from the old C&W building toward Banco Banistmo.

I took it in to the store on Monday and they said it would be ready today. The watch was ready as promised and looked great.

These two sweet young ladies were kind enough to let me take their photo.

The phone number for the store is (507) 775-6917. For your Spanish test for today, here is some of the things that the store offers.

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  1. I have been self teaching my self very basic espanol by using free mp3 files from pod casts off the web. Nowhere on the sign says anything about “Chica’s” OK I’m lost. Something about prices on fixing watches?

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