Villa Marta Jardin in Boquete

With today being such a beautiful day we took a walk through Villa Marta Jardin in Boquete. MY primary camera has decided to start acting up and I only managed one photo. It was of a fishpond. The photo is interesting because the fishpond has a foot bridge over it and the bridge made a dramatic effect on the water.

If you want to see a previous visit of mine to these gardens go here.

2 thoughts on “Villa Marta Jardin in Boquete

  1. The afternoon we spent last February in ‘Mi Jardin es…’ was pretty close to magical, as much because we enjoyed the company of a number of new acquaintances and because somebody built this place so we could all enjoy it as because it is such a whimsical, beautiful setting. It reminds me, too, that your pictures of the Boquete fairgrounds let us know that we didn’t see nearly all of the good things to enjoy there. Thanks, Don Ray.
    We walked back down the hill into town from the garden and stopped and enjoyed a break at the little coffee shop at the coffee plant on the way. Muy bonito!

  2. Yes, it is a place that should not be missed if one visits Boquete. Also the Flower festival is something I enjoy.

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