Pasteleria Alemana in Boquete

The last stop for the day was the Pasteleria Alemana in Boquete. This is a really neat little place that I always stop at for two things. The first is the strawberry tart with whipped cream. You guessed it. Camera only allowed the photo above, but trust me, buy the tart.

The other thing I always buy is a bag if the chocolate chip cookies. Today I only managed the tart and a hot chocolate because someone beat me to all of the cookies. Shame on whoever you are.

12 thoughts on “Pasteleria Alemana in Boquete

  1. So tell me, do they have German chocolate cake? I love it. Some people don’t like the coconut, which makes me glad; more for me, even though I don’t “need” it, of course.

  2. My father loves her lemon pie. All the rest are delicious but lemon pie is his favorite. Empanadas are great, we have used them also for parties .. and people loves them.

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