If It Weren’t For Bad Luck

You know the old saying “If it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all”. Well that is the way I am feeling today. It was about a week ago that I lost my Sony 910 cell phone.

Today my Canon S2 decided to have an E18 error. After searching the net, I see that it is more commonly known as “The dreaded E18 Error”. It seems if the zoom mechanism starts having problems then you start getting E18. This is the Canon equivilent of the Microsoft Windows Blue Screen error. I guess I am going to have to try the Panama City Canon repair one more time.

9 thoughts on “If It Weren’t For Bad Luck

  1. I have always had pretty good luck with my canons. This is the first time I am a little disappointed. I kinda wish I had splurged a little and gone for the Nikon.

  2. Some days, some weeks feel like that. Fortunately they even out, and sometimes we get ahead. Something to look forward to. Canon makes good equipment, Nikon makes good equipment. Even the brand I use makes good equipment. We tend to remember the problems more than the long periods of simple, forgetful enjoyment. You make good pictures. ‘Nuff said.

  3. Don
    Sorry to hear about your equip challenges. We finally retired our old Sony Mavica after two trips to Africa and other places. Bought a Polaroid digital that we are quite happy with, but wonder about how if the telephoto will be affected by intense humidities in parts of Panama.
    Question for you and your readers, please… Will we be able to use our nubus cable to upload photos at internet cafe type places in David or other areas of Panama? What experiences have you had in other parts of Panama?
    Thanks from Austin

  4. Thank, Don, yea, USB, had a brain f”rt, USB is what I meant. I’m 57 livin’ in heav’n, albeit one increasingly of my own creation….a magical world of imagination and lost words…Following along behind the little animals and birds is a favorite pasttime. Saw a bumper sticker recently that said, “Guided by voices.” !?

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