Today I noticed a new restaurant had opened in David in the D’1YR GALLERY. This area is directly across the street from McDonald’s. It has had a major face-lift and looks very attractive. PIO PIO (the Panama competition for KFC) is on the right of the photo.

You can see from the photo that the name of the restaurant is SHULA-S STEAK HOUSE. Don’t think that this has anything to do with Don Shula, because I assure it doesn’t.

It has been open since the 3rd of January from what I was told. It is new and attractive. The waitress behind the counter used to work at Java Juice in Boquete. I remembered her face.

This is the seating area for the restaurant.

This is the menu. There are various beef, pork and chicken plates as well as sandwiches. Several different types of side dishes and various drinks (fruit, sodas, coffee, etc,)

I asked for a recommendation for a steak that was tender and was told to order Lomo.

Here is a photo of the salad that I got.

When the main dish came out, I could see why it might have been considered the most tender because it was smothered in some sort of onion, tomato and green pepper sauce.

The best part of this plate was the French fries. I enjoyed them. The smothered meat looked good, but when I tasted it, I didn’t like the flavor. I don’t know if it was the sauce or the meat. I ate about three small bites and left the rest. For me not to eat a meal is unusual.

I will probably go back and give it a second chance. It is newly opened and they may have a few glitches. I will not try the Beef Round Gooseneck (Lomo Rodundo) again. My plate cost about $6.00 before the jubilado discount. That is a little expensive for David, for a noon meal, but it would have been ok if the meal had been of a higher quality. If anyone else tries the place leave some feedback.

7 thoughts on “SHULA-S STEAK HOUSE In David

  1. How fast is the service typically in David? The thing I really noticed about restaurants in Costa Rica is generally how SLOOOOOOW the service is. I don’t want to sound like an impatient gringo but there was a huge adjustment to make when dinning out. Bring a book to read when you dine out.

  2. Hello Don,
    this morning I could not get open your page.
    I was trying many times during 2-3 hours,but now
    it`s ok.
    Nice time to you! We are still waiting a normal winter, perhaps next January 🙂

  3. HI Don: Question : are the fries the prebagged formaldehyde type or, were they peeled in la cocina by hand ?…Enjoy your Chiriqui Chatter

  4. Jamie – I really don’t remember. They were good, but I am not sure that they were cut in the kitchen. They were pretty perfectly cut and that makes me think that they weren’t cut there.

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