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Over the last month or so I have been testing both FireFox and Internet Explorer 7 on phishing emails I receive each day. I know they are bad emails when I receive them because they are sent to an email address I never use for communications with companies.

Up until yesterday, both FireFox and IE7 have both detected the fraud site and presented me with a warning. Yesterday I received an eBay phish email. FireFox failed to recognize the phish email and IE7 caught it. So I’m thinking maybe IE7’s method is better.

Today I received and email purported to be from Bank of America wanting me to update my account. Firefox failed to detect it and so did IE7. Both set small flags in the corners of the browser indicating that the web page had errors, but neither presented a warning.The error has obviously been planted in the code on purpose so the fraud detection will fail.

Just because you are using browsers that look for fake websites, don’t assume they are fool proof.

I forwarded the email to

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  1. I deleted IE7 and went back to IE6, was totally NOT impressed with there so called improvements. On my computer IE7 always takes twice as long to load and exit out as firefox and would crash twice as much as IE6 when using my MS word documents hyper links. Never had a problem with either browser with phishing sites and I do allot of stock trades and credit card payments in fact I have never even had a phishing ALERT ever pop up!

  2. I have none of the problems you mention with IE7 and do feel it is a major improvement over IE6.

    If you have never seen a Phishing alert it is likely because you have never gon to a fake site. I have deliberately gone to these sites to test the alerts.

  3. To me IE 7 had nothing NEW to offer that Firefox didn’t already have combined with slowing my computer down (memory)because the new version is twice as large to run as IE6 was driving me crazy how slow IE7 was. I keep IE6 ONLY because there are still some sites out there, that it is the only browser that will work properly on. But as firefox continually gets BETTER then IE6 will be history too! I have upgraded my Win Media player every time a new version comes out and ALWAYS go back to my 6 year old version, totally not impressed! My own opinion on allot of so called upgrades from MS, only to help THEM! I go beyond the Flashy new graphics don’t impress me any and dig deep into the user functionality! My 6 year media player is simply and effective gets the job done (loads FAST) best of all great for HACKING! You see MS brainwashes these new features, really what they are doing is closing HOLES.

  4. The best defense against phishing will always be the hardware and software between your ears (i.e., your brain). Unfortunately, there are too many people using computers who blindly accept things, click on buttons not knowing what they are, etc. These are the poor saps who will get caught in phishing scams.

    I read a review on Vista where the reviewer pointed out that the user access control (UAC) was an acknowledgment (Click on OK to continue) than an authorization (enter user password). If this is indeed the case, Microsoft’s so-called enhanced security will be effectively non-existent because of the same behaviors that lead to being successfully phished.

    Snake Eyes is absolutely right. Microsoft upgrades aren’t really improvements. They only further Microsoft’s agenda (which, ultimately is to make more money).

  5. Snake Eyes:

    Do you mean to say that I am not going to get my $50 million for helping a Nigerian friend to obtain his $500 million?

    There are, however, scams more clever than that. For example, someone buys something from you on Ebay for, say, $2,000, but they send you a check for $3,000, and then they ask you to send them back the “accidental” overpayment. Even though the check appeared to be good when you deposited it, the bank will not reimburse you.

  6. Oh I agree Tom on more intelligent scams than the Nigerians…really all a person needs to know is : If it sounds to GOOD to be true…IT IS! I love watching COPS scam the scammers on TV with phony lottery jackpots and prizes and watch the criminals get delivered right into the hands of JUSTICE! With little or no effort on the cops part!

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