David Hotel Plaza Mirage

The Plaza Mirage hotel is located above the casino in the photo above. Its location is directly across the street from Super99 on Calle Miguel Ángel Brenes. It has an entrance on the Super99 side as well as the main entrance from the parking lot in the back. This is obviously newly finished and looks nice.

Their full price list is as follows:
1. $22.00
2. $27.50
3. $33.00
4. Junior suite with mini bar – $45
5. $55.00
6. $66.00

I saw a junior suite, which had a mini bar and costs $45/night. The room I saw did not have a security lock – only the lock on the doorknob.

Here is a photo of the hotel lobby. The young lady spoke very good English.

The hotel does have a pool. It doesn’t have Internet access, but it is next door to an Internet Café.

Contact Info:

Phone – 507-775-4447, 507-774-8721, and 507-774-4478.

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25 thoughts on “David Hotel Plaza Mirage

  1. Hello,
    I am impressed with this site. I am a Panamanian living In Panama City and I really enjoyed to find this useful place.

    I came here Googling (hehe soon it will be recognized as a verb) and the huge amount information in this page is simply amazing.

    Well, now my point:

    In the first days of October, I will stay in David for 4 nights and I have been looking for a budget option among several hotels. In David, there are not many hotels with pools and I left surprised when I saw a budget hotel offering a pool among its features.

    Beyond the information showed here and a nice email sent by an administrator of the hotel, it has been impossible for me to find reviews or other photos to take a final decision.

    Does someone has a personal experience with this hotel? It looks as well inside as outside? I know I cant ask so much in a budget hotel, but sadly I know a couple of poor quality hotels in David and I would not like to fall again in one of them.

    Otherwise, if you dont have reference of this hotel, could someone be so kind to recommend me some good hotel in the range of US$20-US$30 per night. It would be excellent.

    Congratulations for this site Don Ray. Keep it going!
    Best Regards,

  2. Hi Edgar. Sorry I didn’t take any photos of the rooms. I did see one of the rooms and it was nicely done, but this is one of the newer hotels in David, so everything was new. Best of luck on your search. Whatever hotel you stay at in David, feel free to leave a comment on how you were treated.

  3. Quiero infomacion de algunos tours que proporcione el hotel en la zona para fines de noviembre para 20 personas durante 8 dias.espero su pronta respuesta.

  4. I have been trying for 4 days to contact the Hotel Plaza Mirage in David. There is no response from the e-mail address, and of the 3 phone numbers listed, only 1 works and it is a travel agency that seems to be on an exstended holiday. Any ideas how to contact them?

  5. Sorry. The information I posted was the last information I had. If the email is not being returned, I would have to assume it is still good.

  6. I finally got thru to the hotel at the 4478 number. My problem was calling from Costa Rica..the call kept going to Minnisota!?!? Anyway, the the 4478 number is good. I suggest if calling from outside of the US use an operator…avoid direct call.

  7. My husband and I spent 4 nights at the Mirage during last year’s Dolega Carnaval! As we live on the Rio in Dolega, Carnaval is not a time for sleep. We had a great stay at the hotel. The room was very nice. My only complaint is that it had the world’s smallest shower! But that’s OK, because the casino is right downstairs! The pool was wonderful and kept clean. Plus they have a snack bar at the pool. And David during Carnaval was great because no one was in town! It was pretty quiet. We plan on staying there again during next year’s Carnaval.

  8. Estare en David en el periodo del 15 de Marzo /2008 al 24 de marzo, quisiera tener informacion en referencia a la reservacion , gracias por su atencion a este email, atentamente Ivelisse.

  9. Great site, our blog is woefully out of date.. mapsjohnson.blogspot.com but we are trying. Impressed with your wonderful spanish.. how did you learn it?

  10. You must be referring to my previous comment and when I have to comment in Spanish, I always remember that Google is my friend in helping me translate. 🙂

  11. You asked for feedback about the hotels. Since you provided such as great service it is the least I could do. We traveled from Bocas del Toro by bus with two pre-teen kids. After 6 hours of travel in a cramped bus, we were ready to cool off. Here is the good about the hotel: clean room, 3 beds, tile floors, large pool with no one in it. Across the street from super 99 and by Java Juice and two other cheap eats. Price was $38.50 a night. Hot water. Working cable.
    Bad: We had a room facing the road with cheap windows. All night long we heard honking and very loud traffic. In fact, about 1:00 a.m we heard a terrible sound with breaking glass. Looking out the window a man was lying in the road not moving after being hit by a car, which was nowhere to be seen. Be forewarned, crossing the road at night you are taking your life in your hands.
    I did ask for a pool room prior to checking in but they said they had none. Probably because I needed 3 beds. A/C did not keep up with the heat. There are no outlets for computers, etc., no reading lights and we had to buy a flashlight to read at night. There is wifi in the room and lobby but it did not work. My attempt in Spanish to get the modem reset was unsuccessful. Elevator did not work. Parking was amble.

  12. hace un tiempo me hospede en el hotel plaza.su atencion fue muy buena y el trato de los dueños para con los huespedes es exelente un saludo muy especial para eddy caiña y su hermano.gracias por su atencion,servicio y sobre todo por su amistad.ALEXANDRA(colombia)

  13. 775-4447 is the only one phone in the hotel now.
    the prices changed, now are those:

  14. I spent 10 days at the Crowne Hotel in David in October (2010). The rooms over the main street facing the 99 are extremely noisy. The first day I wasn’t able to sleep at all, due to taxis honking, loud people, a discoteque nearby, plus a busy bus stop across the street. When I requested a change to another room and saw what was available, I decided that the noise room was better and stayed there. There is no windows at all in the rooms located in the central area of the hotel. These are like boxes, with dim lights and i do suffer from claustrofobia. So, I got used to the noise and enjoyed watching the people, the trafic and the rain…

    Of course, there’re a few minuses, the showers are small, and there is no restaurant inside the building, no phones in the rooms, no room service. Nevertheless, the price was right and i won’t hesitate staying at the Crowne/Mirage Hotel next time.


  16. I have no experience with the hotel, however nothing is all that much closer to the airport than any other hotel.Pick the hotel you want and take a cab to the casino if the hotel doesn’t have one.

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