Monthly Archives: December 2006

Part Bad – Part Good

First the bad: Yesterday evening’s flight to Panama City wound up being canceled. When it taxied to the runway some indicator reported a failure and it returned to the gate. After about 45 minutes the flight was canceled.

Everyone returned to the front desk to get a refund or reschedule for this morning.

Now the good: The airline paid for taxis to take everyone to their houses if they lived in David or to a hotel if they were traveling through David. The airline even paid for the hotel and I think they paid for breakfast. Since I just went home I can’t confirm the breakfast.

I think they did all right. In the US today, the airlines aren’t giving that good of service. Way to go Aero Perlas.

ACS – Just Cause Announcement

I guess this went out on the 7th, but it just hit my email.

Date: 07 December 2006

Subject: Anniversary of Operation Just Cause

December 20 marks the 17th anniversary of the beginning of Operation Just Cause.

In past years, the anniversary has been marked by demonstrations, marches and related activities. While the Embassy has no specific information regarding planned demonstrations, U.S. citizens in Panama are urged to exercise extra caution on this date. U.S. citizens should monitor the media, avoid any reported demonstration activity, and consider postponing unnecessary trips into the downtown area of Panama City until after December 20. Continue reading ACS – Just Cause Announcement

Yesterday’s Walk

On my walk back from El Rey yesterday, I took a photo of a fireworks vendor across the street from El Rey. You will see lots of fireworks vendors during the holidays and hear a lot of the fireworks from now until after New Years. They sell everything. Christmas night is as large a fireworks night as New Years or the Independence holidays.

Here is an update photo of the apartment building that I have been following.

Just So You Know

It appears that my Wonderful XP system has bitten the dust (operating system wise). I am now getting a repeated Blue Screen followed by an immediate reload.

This may take me a while to correct and I am just letting you know that I don’t know when it will be fixed and I will be completely back up and on the air. I am posting this on my dependable Linux system.

The good news is that I just backed up all of my files this morning to my small external disk. I am planning on being out of town from Wednesday until sometime in January. That may be when I get my system back up and running.

Update: I guess I was lucky. I was able to bring my system up in safe mode, and complete a upgrade that had not finished. When it completed its install, I then removed the Sunbelt Firewall which had had a conflict with the other upgrade and everything appears to be good.

No Photos Today

I had intended to take photos of the David Navidad Parade this evening. However, I went to a baptism today and a baptism calibration at the parents following and it was so hot that when I returned home, I just went to bed. I think I will pass on the David Parade until next year. From what I understand the crowd has been lining up at the Parque de Madres since 3:00 PM.

Sorry there are no photos here, but there will always be another parade.