Emails I Receive

I want to make sure that it is understood that I respond to all Emails that I receive. If you send one and do not get a reply, it is because I didn’t see it. I have a spam filter and it must capture over 100 spam emails a day. I try to make a quick run through of the spam suspects before I delete them to make sure that valid email hasn’t been caught.

Today I found the second email an individual had written in the spam bucket. I must have missed the first. Also I am on a different PC than normal and you have to train the spam software the valid addresses. When I return to David, I will have to train the software in that PC a few new addresses.

If your email has not been answered, try again. I usually don’t miss the same writer twice.

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  1. Don, Wishing you and Lillian a great 2007. I enjoy your adventures and have been amazed at your technical expertise. Happy New Year Dick

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