Parque Omar Revisited

If you remember I visited Parque Omar back in July. However, that day I didn’t get to stay as long as I wanted. This morning I went out and was able to take a few more photos. It was luck that I went this morning as it is raining this afternoon.

The park is still set up for Christmas as you will see this in many of the photos. You may want to refer back to the photos that were taken in July for comparison. I don’t think you will see much difference between July and December as far as the weather is concerned. For July’s post look here.

You should be able to compare these two buildings with ones in July’s post.

There were several rides set up in the park. They were not there the last time I was here, so they must just be for the holidays.

Several areas has Christmas lights so it must be pretty at night.

I also noticed that several areas had plaques identifying various contributors to the park. This one has the Nestle company name associated with it.

The entire grounds of this park are nicely kept and if this were a Saturday, I am sure many of the areas with would be full of people.

There is a nice jogging and walking trail through out the park.

This is a tropical area and many trees had a thick vines hanging from the tree.

On the hillside you can see a couple that enjoying time together.

This is a great place to just get lost in nature.

I liked the way this tree was shaped.

I kept hearing this bird singing and chirping and I was determined to see what it looked like. He was curious about me as well.

A lot of the park has children’s playground equipment on it. This is obviously a family park and encourages bringing the young ones.

There were many shaved ice venders in the park. I bought one from this fella. This is the equivalent of a snow cone in the US. One difference is that they top it with a little sweet cream which gives it a whole different flavor. Just after I bought it a lady vender came up and ran this on off. I guess he was in her spot.

Here was a nice area with a statue statuette of the Virgin Mary.

One of the attractions in the park is the National Library.

I went in and was impressed with how nice and clean and cool it was. This is where many students in the Panama Universities come to study. It is four floors and really something that Panama is proud of.

The park has its own buildings for the police that patrol the park.

I had to get my photo take with a couple of guards before I left.

I guess that is it for Parque Omar for another 6 months or so. There are a few more photos in the Photo section for Panama City.

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