Failed Outbound Emails

I don’t understand it, but I have had a couple of people that have written me emails while I have been in Panama City and when I respond, the response just stays in my out box saying that the receiver’s server is rejecting the email.

Some of my emails go out and a few don’t. If you have sent me an email and didn’t get a response, this may be the problem. I am going to have to research this problem some more.

6 thoughts on “Failed Outbound Emails

  1. Hello Don,

    as a big Dot of your visitor overview of Asia, I can help ou with the answer, a major earthquake stroke south of Taiwan and the slaves like Hong Kong,the great China is out of range.

    Best regards and start the New Year at least as well then leave the old one.

    Greatings from Middle of China

  2. Hi Michael, Thanks for dropping a note from China. I hope you and yours have a great New Year as well.

    Oh, and I solved the email problem. Last night in my sleep I wondered if I had configured the email correctly for the webmaster email on this PC in Panama City. That was the only email that didn’t seem to work. I just checked it and sure enough, I had forgotten to include one setting for the out bound portion of the account. Problem solved.

    It has been a while since I solved problems in my sleep. It used to happen quite often when I worked in a technical area of programming many years ago. Guess the skill is still partially active.

  3. Don,
    Thanks for the New Year Greatings, once more the best to you and all the readers of Chiriquichatter.

    We will be back after two long years in China to Panama end of January. After some days in PC we will stay arround David for a while. If you find some time we would be glad to meet you in February somewhere in David.

    Greetings, if they can make it through the damaged cables

  4. Its strange that you should mention E-mail problems in Panama…I will share a strange an issue I have had trying to book a room at 3 hotels in PC. About 7 months ago I was regularly emailing back and forth to 3 hotels in PC then quit contact for a 3 months, then tried to email them again like 100 times each, never got a return from any or a return mailer daemin error notice back in my email box either, finally gave up and booked with another 4’th hotel. I have 4 different email accounts tried them all NO luck. Final conclusion was after reading all the troubles Don has had with his provider, they must be the culprit?

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