Slight Power Outage in Panama City

There was a slight power outage this morning in Panama City. It was somewhere around 7:00 Am. It must not have lasted over 15 seconds, but it caused me to be without Internet for 3 hours.

Not really a problem since I brought several books. Currently I am reading “Golden Buddha”. It is the first Clive Cussler book I have had that didn’t have Dirk Pitt or one of the NUMA characters running the show. None the less it is a typical Cussler book.

Now that the Internet is back, I need to check my mail. I hope everyone survived the feasting yesterday and all of the football games. I see that Dallas didn’t fair that well against Philadelphia. Glad I forgot to watch it.

3 thoughts on “Slight Power Outage in Panama City

  1. I used to be a huge football fan but for the last 10 years have been “turned off” by the direction the sport has been going. They don’t get any of my time anymore.

  2. When there is nothing else on or maybe the Superbowl, I will watch, but in general I am down on all Pro sports. I would not pay to go see it.

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