And When It’s All Over

By Don Ray Williams
December 25, 2006

And when it’s all over and when it’s all done,
And the packages are all opened, every one.
It is time to sit back and count each of our joys,
It is really the family, it is not clothes or toys.

It was coming together and seeing the smiles,
It’s the hugs and the kisses that make it worthwhile.
It’s the memory you’ll hold of your loved ones so dear,
And the fact that they cared and wanted to be near.

So lets raise our glasses and give one more toast.
Here’s to what is important. Here’s to what matters most.
Here’s to the family, whether here in body or just in our minds.
You’re what make holidays special, all of the time.

7 thoughts on “And When It’s All Over

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