High Marks For Consistency

Yesterday I went to an ARROCHA in Panama City and decided to see if I could get permission to take photos of their Christmas decorations. After tracking down the store supervisor I was abruptly told that photos were not allowed under any circumstances in ARROCHA, where upon she turned her back on me and made a phone call. Talk about rude.

I am impressed with how consistent the supervisors have been in ARROCHA. They have obviously been well trained to not grant any photos. I don’t know if their abrupt and snobbish manner is also a part of the training or if the two I have talked with just come by it naturally.

Ok, I have made my last run at trying to show the Christmas spirit on display at ARROCHA. It is obviously artificial. ARROCHA’s senior management must have something to hide since they are so concerned about photos. I know their prices seem to be high, but I wonder what else there is.

3 thoughts on “High Marks For Consistency

  1. Sorry that the Grinch seems to have appeared at Arrocha. While I don’t condone their rudeness – public relations do seem to be lacking – I do believe they are trying to maintain a certain level of store security. In my LBP (life before Panama) I worked for a large home improvement chain (think orange) which also has a no-photo policy. This was to prevent anyone from getting photos of how the cash was handled. Not great to think the worst of your customers rather than the best, but it makes sense to have an across-the-board policy. The Arrocha staff certainly could be more diplomatic.

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