Chiriquí Chatter Chat and Request Feature

Ok, I don’t know if this will say around, but I have added a “Chat” and “Request” feature to Chiriquí Chatter. If I have turned the feature on you will see an image at the bottom right of the sidebar that says “Click for live help” in that area. That isn’t probably the best image to display, but until I see if this is worth the effort that is what it will say.

If I am out and about and not online, then you will see a “Leave Message” in that area.

Clicking on either area will activate a java window, which will take a message in the event I am out or open a chat window if I am not talking to someone else.

The reason I am trying this function it to allow requests to be made for articles, questions on how to use the blog and see previous postings, or just to say “hello”.

I have only set it up to talk to one person at a time, so there is a possibility you might try to chat when I am talking to someone else. In that case feel free to leave a message and I will get back to you.

Note: this feature is in a test environment, so don’t expect for it to be flawless..

4 thoughts on “Chiriquí Chatter Chat and Request Feature

  1. Hi Omar. When I left I had set it to off line, but somehow it turned itself on. Strange.

    Yes, I am much better. Thanks.

    Hi Dick,

    I will see. It looks like it might.

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