17 thoughts on “Wee Bonnie Yanie

  1. Hi Don Ray,
    Its always good to catch up with Chatter – and get the news. Am pleased to know that Yanie is back at her salon in David and both my husband and I will be seeing her soon.

    I have to mention I found Snake-eyes comments to be somewhat juvenile. I know this shows my age, but I half expected his next comment to be “hubba hubba”…

    I will agree that Yanie is indeed a very attractive lady. But more important to many of us here, she is a very talented and professional stylist.

  2. Hey Linda I think Hubba Hubba is something my Great Grandpa would have said! I’ll stick with “Caliente”, come on Don…I know you have more pics your holding out on us!

  3. Linda,

    Boys will be boys. I imagine your husband will be thinking Hubba Bubba, but just respects you too much to let you know.

    She is a cute!

  4. Hi Don, It is always nice to log in to your site. it makes me want to return there very soon. By the way, I would pay her $200.00 to cut my hair!!!!!! How about some up dated photos of David.


  5. Hi Lynton. The updated photos come as I see them. Most of the photos in David are still valid. Plaza El Terronal hasn’t gotten far on phase two. If there is a major change, I usually get it. Any thing in particular you are interedted in?

  6. Thanks Don, Candid Photos of people shopping and vendors around the city will do. Thanks again, and VERY GOOD JOB.

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