Had My Follow-up Visit To The Dentist Today

On my previous cleaning visit a week ago, two cavities were found. I returned today to get them taken care of. The total visit today was $40. I learned that he has four other dentists that also work in his clinic. They each have different specialties and I would imagine you have to schedule the one you need. For information and location, here was my first visit to Dr. Barraza.

2 thoughts on “Had My Follow-up Visit To The Dentist Today

  1. This isn’t dentist related, but eye related. The other day, my husband sneezed and tore his retina in three places. He had to undergo emergency eye surgery. Fortunately, we were “in-network” for our health insurance to cover the cost of the laser surgery. By the way, it was really fascinating. They removed the vitreous humor from inside his eye, then lasered the holes in his retina, then shot a gas bubble into his eye, where it will remain for 2 weeks. In the meantime, he is blind in his eye until the gas bubble dissolves. Anyway, the point of this is…while we were waiting for the insurance company to OK his surgery, we both wondered what we would have done if we were living in Panama, or uninsured and living in the states. The worst case scenerio is that he would be permanently blind in one eye without the needed surgery. It really makes us reconsider some kind of health insurance for when we move to Panama.We were so lucky when we lived in Nicaragua without health insurance. Who would have ever thought a sneeze could do so much damage to the eye. Health care will be at the top of our list of things to investigate from now on.

  2. If you were living in Panama you would have to go to Panama City and to have that type of surgery done.

    Living in anywhere else you have a very serious problem. Retina cells only live 24 hours in that condition, so you have to get the surgery done within that period of time.

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