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Last Day of 2006

We have reached the end of another year. It seems like each successive year passes just a little faster than the previous. I have enjoyed taking you along with me on my daily journeys and plan on continuing doing the same in 2007.

The end of the year is always a time of reflection. What should I have done that I didn’t? What did I do that I wish I hadn’t? Did I make the best use of my time? Is the world a better place because I was here?

It is usually some of these sort of questions that provoke New Year’s resolutions. Well for 2007, I think I will just keep mine simple and in the words of James Dean, I will dream as if I will live forever and I will live as if I will die today.

Here is wishing you and yours the best New Year you have ever had.


Don Ray

Addendum: In case you don’t normally read the comments, I recommend you make an exception and read Tom’s comment and play the video he included. Music to end one year and begin another.

Emails I Receive

I want to make sure that it is understood that I respond to all Emails that I receive. If you send one and do not get a reply, it is because I didn’t see it. I have a spam filter and it must capture over 100 spam emails a day. I try to make a quick run through of the spam suspects before I delete them to make sure that valid email hasn’t been caught.

Today I found the second email an individual had written in the spam bucket. I must have missed the first. Also I am on a different PC than normal and you have to train the spam software the valid addresses. When I return to David, I will have to train the software in that PC a few new addresses.

If your email has not been answered, try again. I usually don’t miss the same writer twice.

Parque Omar Revisited

If you remember I visited Parque Omar back in July. However, that day I didn’t get to stay as long as I wanted. This morning I went out and was able to take a few more photos. It was luck that I went this morning as it is raining this afternoon.

The park is still set up for Christmas as you will see this in many of the photos. You may want to refer back to the photos that were taken in July for comparison. I don’t think you will see much difference between July and December as far as the weather is concerned. For July’s post look here.

You should be able to compare these two buildings with ones in July’s post.

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I Gotta Get Out Of This Place

I have been in Panama City for several days and have only left the apartment once to buy one Christmas gift I couldn’t get in David. I am planning on getting out today. I see that the sun is out and maybe the rains will take a break. I am close to Parque Omar and the last time I was here, I didn’t get to take many photos. There is a nice walk at the park that I wanted to take, and maybe today is the day.

I have just a few chapters to go in my book and that is about all I have to show as an accomplishment. Stay tuned.

Failed Outbound Emails

I don’t understand it, but I have had a couple of people that have written me emails while I have been in Panama City and when I respond, the response just stays in my out box saying that the receiver’s server is rejecting the email.

Some of my emails go out and a few don’t. If you have sent me an email and didn’t get a response, this may be the problem. I am going to have to research this problem some more.

Slight Power Outage in Panama City

There was a slight power outage this morning in Panama City. It was somewhere around 7:00 Am. It must not have lasted over 15 seconds, but it caused me to be without Internet for 3 hours.

Not really a problem since I brought several books. Currently I am reading “Golden Buddha”. It is the first Clive Cussler book I have had that didn’t have Dirk Pitt or one of the NUMA characters running the show. None the less it is a typical Cussler book.

Now that the Internet is back, I need to check my mail. I hope everyone survived the feasting yesterday and all of the football games. I see that Dallas didn’t fair that well against Philadelphia. Glad I forgot to watch it.

And When It’s All Over

By Don Ray Williams
December 25, 2006

And when it’s all over and when it’s all done,
And the packages are all opened, every one.
It is time to sit back and count each of our joys,
It is really the family, it is not clothes or toys.

It was coming together and seeing the smiles,
It’s the hugs and the kisses that make it worthwhile.
It’s the memory you’ll hold of your loved ones so dear,
And the fact that they cared and wanted to be near.

So lets raise our glasses and give one more toast.
Here’s to what is important. Here’s to what matters most.
Here’s to the family, whether here in body or just in our minds.
You’re what make holidays special, all of the time.

Christmas Traditions in Panama

It seems that the most Google searches that bring people to Chiriquí Chatter in December is related to Christmas Traditions in Panama. I don’t know if this is a typical teacher exercise for students living in a cold region to get the students to think about Christmas in a warmer part of the world or not, but I know some are students because of the (Interesting Comments which have to be deleted).

If you got here because of a school assignment, then have a look here.

I think it is a pretty good description of many Latin American countries Christmas traditions. The following is what the article says about Panama. Continue reading Christmas Traditions in Panama

High Marks For Consistency

Yesterday I went to an ARROCHA in Panama City and decided to see if I could get permission to take photos of their Christmas decorations. After tracking down the store supervisor I was abruptly told that photos were not allowed under any circumstances in ARROCHA, where upon she turned her back on me and made a phone call. Talk about rude.

I am impressed with how consistent the supervisors have been in ARROCHA. They have obviously been well trained to not grant any photos. I don’t know if their abrupt and snobbish manner is also a part of the training or if the two I have talked with just come by it naturally.

Ok, I have made my last run at trying to show the Christmas spirit on display at ARROCHA. It is obviously artificial. ARROCHA’s senior management must have something to hide since they are so concerned about photos. I know their prices seem to be high, but I wonder what else there is.