On My Way To The Parade

Today is Panama’s celebration for its Independence from Spain. I have had so much fun at the other parades lately, that I figured, I might as well take in another.

It was a beautiful day and perfect for a walk so let’s go.

This photo shows the progress of the new apartments that are on my to El Rey.

Now today is a holiday, but you can see that these guys are working. They must be wicked. My mom always told me there is no rest for the wicked.

It has been a while since I updated you on the gasoline price in David. Here it is.

Now you may wonder why I took this photo. This is the way crosswalks are marked. When you see these markings on the road you know it is where you are supposed to cross. This is a visual indication that if you cross here, you will have a slightly smaller chance of getting run over.

As I was walking along, the fellow on the left really wanted me to take a photo of the little boy and his dog. The boy has to be the man’s son – you can see a strong facial resemblance.

When I got to Romero’s I needed to take a break, but before I did I shot these Christmas Trees. I don’t want you to think Panama doesn’t really get in the Spirit.

I went into Romeros and had a nice juice and an apple pie. While I sat, I kept staring at this tree they have decorated.

Well, I am rested and it is time to move on to the parade area.

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