Independence From Spain Parade

All over Panama today there are parades going on. Boquete had a nice one and if you want to see how it went, check out Lee Zeltzer’s Boquete Guide Blog.

I took about 130 photos of the parade in David. I am going too show a fair number, but all will eventually get loaded into the Chiriquí Chatter Photo Album.

Ok. Ready for the parade? The day is perfect. The temperature is probably about 88-91. There are a couple of things I want to point out about the photos in general. First, this is a small town parade. The crowd lines the street and will freely cross the street as the parade goes on. You will tell from my photos that I am almost a part of the parade.

You will see several people that will be walking with the schools. Some may be faculty and some may be parents that are carrying water to give their child during the long walk. There are also many street vendors that will be trying to sell small items or food or drink.

With that, let’s get started. I got to the Parade area just after the first group had passed. Some were still there and this is a photo of two cute little ladies. The one on the right spoke very good English.

There are several photos and a couple videos, so be patient while the page loads.

This is the first band I saw today.

This little tike was worn out and the parade had just begun.

Here are several parade examples.

This was the only queen I saw today.

All parades have to have clowns.

Too many lovely ladies.

Young ones too.

Here is a street vender selling snow cones.

No fancy machine to shave his ice.

More ladies.This guy could really twirl his drumsticks.

I had to take this little ladies photo. This is Stephanie. She and her dad to the right shared their umbrella and I sure appreciated it.

More girls coming and going.

Too cute not to post.

Part of a dance. Too bad I didn’t have the video going.

Military march.

Another lovely.

Interesting outfits.

They start them early.

I thought she was a little doll.

Yep, more cuties.

The last photo.

Here are 12 snippets of the parade divided into two videos.

That is the end of the show. Remember there are other videos of Panama located here.

6 thoughts on “Independence From Spain Parade

  1. yes, my camera has a problem. I think it has an affinity for the fairer sex. However, I will load all the photos in the photo album today and that will probably provide a better balance.

  2. Hi La Gringa. Yes they were. I was very shocked when I asked if they would mind my taking their photo and the one on the right responded in perfect English.

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