El desfile de los bomberos de David

Besides being the Independence from Spain Holiday, it is also the day that recognizes the firemen of David. This could be true all over Panama, but I do not know that. I heard yesterday that there was going to be the annual Parade of the Firemen in the evening. Since I had never seen it, I decided to head down to the center of town.

I got there about 8:00 PM and I could not believe the crowd. This was obviously a bigger deal than I had thought it was. Hundreds of people lined the streets awaiting the parade to begin. Here are a couple of photos of the growing crowd.

Notice the little boy in his Santa hat.

It is now about 8:45 PM and the first of the parade has reached the downtown area.

At this point I took a video because the band was approaching.

Here are a few more photos. After the last photo, I headed back to my car to avoid the rush. Panamanians will turn out for any parade at any time of day.

It is nice to see a parade that’s sole purpose is to recognize those that risk their lives for others. All David Firemen – Chiriquí Chatter and all of David salutes you!

15 thoughts on “El desfile de los bomberos de David

  1. Gracias Don:

    I didn’t know that Los bomberos have a parade every year. It must look nice at night with all of them holding antorchas. My salute to Los Bomberos too!!
    Ok dictionary time.

  2. Great job Don. I agree that it is wonderful that so many show appreciation of their firemen. THE CROWD WAS A SHOCKER!!!

    Your video was much better than those I download from “YOU TUBE” I always have to let them run once before I can watch without many stops. Streaming??

  3. Hi Bob. Thanks for leaving a comment. I thought it was a big crowd. I was not expecting that many people.

    I told Movie Maker to compress for a lower bandwidth. That gives you less frames per second and it helps here in Panama since I am running at 256Kbps.

    You are watching my video from YouTube also.

  4. Wow, Gracias. I so enjoyed the video, brought back many old and happy memories. I am sitting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania watching your video when I would rather be home in Panama. Please do more, it is so nice to see and hear things from “home”.

  5. Hi Don

    I want to thank you for taking your time in showing us pictures and videos from Panama specially from my home town…..mil gracias

  6. Great photos and video Don. We were in Boquete for their Bomberos torch parade. Because Boquete is so small the Bomberos made a second lap around the downtown area. Nice to meet you the other day. We’ll see you again when we return to Chiriqui in January.

    Hasta luego,
    Ron and Kim Miller

  7. Hello Don,thank you for sharing your lovely pictures of Panama with us. My wife and I are both from the good old Canal Zone. I did 20 years of service with the USAF and was fortunate to have served two tour of duty at Albrook AFB, and a second tour at Howard AFB, we left In 1979, I am now retired and living in Clovis, NM., but to this day we still miss our Panama and your photos along with Lee’s & Jennifer has surely made us home sick, and we hope to visit Panama some time in 2007. Keep up the great work you guys are doing with the picture and let us know of other sites with picture of Panama. Thanks again and “God Bless.

  8. Hi Chester and Priscilla. If you open the link tab at the top of this page, you will find links to other sites that are Panama related.

    Thanks for stopping in.

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