Stock Spammers – Don’t Buy These Stocks

I have recently started receiving an enormous number of spam emails that are promoting stock. I have decided to identify the stock name and stock symbol. If they have to resort to spam to generate sales, they have to be a sorry company. “Pump and Dump” individuals that want to make a quick profit typically put out these emails. Apparently it works based on the Google Search for “Stock Spammers” that I did.

While my software puts this spam in a special file, I still have to review it to insure a valid email wasn’t caught with the chaff. Now at least they will start showing up on Google searches as spammers.

I am bored updating this post, so this will be the last update. For more information do a search on Google on Pump and Dump Spam.

Current list of companies and # of spam emails received – As of 12/06/2006:

Do not buy these stocks!

Advanced Powerline
Symbol: APWL
Spam emails – 92

China Health Management Corp
Symbol: CNHC.PK
Spam emails – 15

West Exceliior ENT
Symbol WEXE
Spam Emails – 9

Vox Box World Intercom
Symbol VXBX
Spam Emails – 14

Symbol IOGH
Spam Emails – 1

Symbol: MAKU
Spam Emails 10

Equipment & Systems Engineering, Inc
Symbol: EQSE
Spam Emails 35

Company: Premium Petroleum, Inc.
Symbol: PPTL
Spam Emails 42

Cana Petroleum
Symbol: CNPM
Spam Emails 37

Amerossi EC Inc.
Symbol: ARSS
Spam Emails 19

Bralorne Mining Company
Symbol: BLMN
Spam Emails 2

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