If I Can’t Take Um – I’ll Enjoy Other’s

My good friend, Leena, in Finland, took the photo above. It was 3:00 PM when she made her way down to the river to take what she considers to be a poor photo. Leena has one of the best photo blogs that I frequent. One thing that makes it special is that she takes the time to write her descriptions into English.

I cracked up picturing her squatting by the river as others passing by stared wondering what she was doing.

Thanks Leena for making my day a little cooler and for bringing a smile to my face.

5 thoughts on “If I Can’t Take Um – I’ll Enjoy Other’s

  1. Hopefully Leena wasn’t squatting but was using a tripod set at the elevation she wanted. I too like the photo, and I expect Leena is her own worst critic.

    Thanks for sharing this Don. I generally don’t get to Leena’s site without your prompting!

  2. “Squatting” was the way she described it. I am sure you are correct that Leena is her own worst critic. Everything I see her post is picture postcard perfect.

  3. Now, Don, you did it again! But I am happy, if you like the picture.
    And I would like to know , what squat does really mean, I took it from a dictionary. But if it made you laugh, then it is quite right word 😀

  4. Squat means to be in a crouching position with the knees bent. What I thought was funny was the people wondering what you were doing in that position.

    I always like to direct a little traffic your way. You take such good photos.

  5. Don — I read Leena’s blog after my post.

    Leena — If you see this, thanks for the photos; keep up the good work. I prefer to kneel (one knee on the ground) for these types of low-angle handheld shots. Of course, a tripod is best :-).

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