An Afternoon At Playa La Barqueta

Being Sunday, for my drive today, I decided to go out to Playa La Barqueta. I think the last time I was there, was a year ago when I took photos of Maricial releasing turtles into the sea. More about that later.

On my drive today, I did find a couple of things that I had never seen before. The first photo is of sugar cane, but it is flowering. I have seen sugarcane growing before, but this was the first time I ever saw long lines with flowers on them.

Here is a close up extracted from the previous photo. The tops almost look like feather dusters.

This part of Panama grows a lot of sugarcane. I understand that the Carta Vieja rum plant is close to Playa La Barqueta. That needs to be another photo trip one of these days.

The other thing that they grow a lot of near Playa La Barqueta is rice. As I getting closer to the playa, I passed a basketball court. Can you guess what is covering the court?

It is rice drying out. I never have thought much about growing rice, but I guess it has heads filled with grains similar to wheat. The reason I say this is because I saw a combine parked near this area and I don’t think it was here to cut wheat. In case you haven’t figured out, that is the second thing I had never seen before, rice drying on a basketball court.

It was lunch time when I arrived at the beach and I stopped at the restaurant where Maricial always releases the turtles. I asked if Maricial was around, but he wasn’t, but the fellow that waited on me at the restaurant asked if I wanted to see the turtles. They had over a hundred born this morning and tomorrow there will be another race to the sea. If you want to read my last turtle visit, you can find it here.

I went over to see today’s turtles.

Here is a video showing some of the final training preparations that the little fellows are going through to get ready for tomorrow.

I placed my fish and patacone order and then walked toward the ocean to take some more photos.

Playa La Barqueta still looks the same. The beach has a nice gentle slope down to the sea line. The water is always a pleasant temperature. There were several people swimming and taking advantage of the grass covered huts.

This lovely lady was on the beach and I asked if she would mind if I took her photo. She graciously accepted.

A lot of things have changed in this area. You can see a lot of development going on. This set of condos were not underway when I was there last year.

Time to go eat. Here is a photo of my fish and patacones.

It had an outstanding flavor and the price with my soft drink was $5.50.

After lunch, I visited with some friends that have a house on the beach. The view that they have is breath taking. I really enjoyed my visit and hope to get invited back.

About five I headed back to David. One thing that has not improved is the road in that area. There is not much of a chance that too many people will be speeding going to or returning from Playa La Barqueta.

As I was just leaving the area a herd of these little critters started crossing the road. The fifth stopped briefly so I could take his photo.

What do you think is running through his mind?

Well, that was this weekend’s outing. I hope you had fun. I know that I did.

13 thoughts on “An Afternoon At Playa La Barqueta

  1. Hey Don are you using windows movie maker, to edit your youtube videos? Do you have a free account? How close to maxing out your account? I’m going to start to do some uploading myself.

  2. I am using Windows Movie Maker. I use a free account on YouTube.

    YouTube doesn’t have a limit as far as I know. I think they make money off advertising.

  3. Great photos Don! I envy your afternoon out.What pleasure and great information you provide regarding Panama and our local area. That is a very pretty lady, do I know her? The flowering tops of the sugar cane remind me of Florida’s Sea Oats on the dunes.

    Of my many visits to Rice Plantations here in Chiriqui, I thought all rice was dried at the plants in their dryers. Do you know if it was for private use or sale? You have my curiousness peaked!What if it rains? Until I moved here to Panama I always thought rice was grown in rice patties covered with water. Not so! I sure learn a lot from your blog and enjoy very much. You are a person who smells the roses(food,ha ha!)and has his eyes open to see the beauty around us.

  4. Hi Jerry. Glad you enjoyed the post. I don’t know if the rice was for personal use or being dried for sale. Interesting question.

    I, like you, thought that rice was grown below water in rice patties, but there are many fields of it in this part of Panama.

  5. Hi, Don Ray san,

    My name’s Anzai Takeshi. How do you do.
    I’m a Japanese old man, a 64-years old.

    I happend to fiind your blog on Abe Lincoln website(Ohio) for the first time and checked out yours sooner.
    Great, your blog!!!. I’m pleasant to see it with Abe san from now on. I want to learn about Panama more.
    Thank you.

  6. SE – I just bought a second 1 gig card the other day. Movies take a lot of space.

    Anzai – Welcome. I also enjoy Abe’s blog. I hope you will find something of interest here. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  7. How long can you keep your Video/Pics on a media card that is NOT in the Camera before you lose your Data? I’m thinking of buying a couple of extra media cards for my trip.

  8. Don:

    I have guests coming in July 2010 and hope to take them to a turtle release at La Barqueta. How do I find out if there is a release scheduled during July 20-30? Who should I contact?


  9. Hi John. Every time I remember the turtles being released, it was later in the year. I think July is too soon. I think it has to be in October or later.

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