Moon Valley Jazz Night # 1

Today I received the following email from Servio Tribaldos at Cocina Rica:

Dear Don Ray,

We are going to have our first “Moon Valley Jazz Night” to collect funds for the Boquete Jazz Festival. It will be on November 30th at Valbuena, in the Tribaldos’ house. The ticket includes a welcome cocktail, appitizer, main dish and a dessert and the Jazz Concert. It is $20.00 per person.

I am also happy to announce that Cocina Rica will be opening in Boquete soon!!!!!! We are going to be located at Los Establos Commercial Center.

See you soon,

Servio T. Tribaldos
Cocina Rica

Well, I thought that was such exciting news that I immediately went down to Cocina Rica and purchased my ticket. I think the money raised is going for a good cause.

Of course it also gave the excuse to sample another of their fabulous desserts. Today I had a cappuccino and a slice of Lane Cake.

So far, I have not found anything in Cocina Rica that I don’t rave about. It is just a sample of what a special night of food and music that you can expect at the night of Jazz.

I would encourage you to act early if you would like to obtain a ticket. Just go by Cocina Rica and see Servio. If you haven’t had the luxury of eating any of the fine things in Cocina Rica, you might as well sample a few while you are buying your tickets.

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