Getting Ready For A Sunday Outing

As you know, if you have followed this blog for a while, I try to get out on Sundays and go some where. Today, I was about ready and went to my closet to get my shoes. Now I hadn’t used these shoes for over a month and I thought I wanted some comfortable shoes so I could walk some.

When I pulled my favorite Mephistos from the closet, this is what I found.

I knew better than to neglect my shoes for a month, but I just forgot. There was no wearing them today. They needed a thorough cleaning and some time in the sun.

Here is a close up if you have never seen mold attack leather.

Here you learn very quickly to take care of all leather products, VCR tapes, 5 ½ inch floppies, if you still have any, and anything else that mold loved to live on. It doesn’t take long in the Panama humidity.

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready For A Sunday Outing

  1. I learned real quick that I would have to change my entire way of dressing if I was going to spend anytime at all in Central America. Its really hard to find clothes made of nylon and synthetics in my part of the US too, everything is 100 percent cotton.

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