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Ahhh, What A Day!

Yesterday, I finally was able to go up to Cerro Punta and visit my good friend Jerry. Seeing where Jerry is living sent pangs of envy running through my veins. I hope he is able to have houseguests once in a while. I am afraid I may need a Cerro Punta fix every now and then.

I got off from David behind schedule and didn’t stop to take some of the photos I would have like to have taken. However, I did take photos after I arrived at Jerry’s house.

The first photo is looking from the front of Jerry’s lawn looking toward the small town of Guadalupe. The plants that you see between the small house and me are potato plants.
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I Smell Something Burning

Panama Bus Fire - 18 diedThis week there was a tragic accident in Panama City with a bus catching fire resulting in 18 deaths and multiple injuries. I am not sure that the word accident is the proper word to use because it implies that it was unavoidable.

I do not believe this is the case. I have repeatedly warned people about using the bus transportation system in Panama. I include every bus system I have seen while I have been here. Most if not all buses begin their life in Panama after being retired from a long-term duty in the US as school buses. Many are replaced in the US because they are no longer considered safe and may not pass US inspections. If you look at the buses that travel between David and Boquete, you will see these yellow school buses with the school name from the US still on the bus. Continue reading I Smell Something Burning

Fruit Is For Wearing

When I was in El Rey yesterday, they had a display of designer dresses form a contest that El Rey had held in Panama City (I think). They will probably be on exhibit for several days, but in case you can’t go by El Rey here are the photos I took yesterday. I took a photo of the information that was placed by each dress and it will appear before the associated dress. I will leave the translation up to you. I will point out one thing and that is that there are two types of bananas in Panama. The small bananas are called guineo and the larger are called banano.

This is the first place winner. It was based on Pineapple.

by Horatio Prado.

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So You Think You Might Want To Have Your Own Blog

I have had people tell me in the past that they might like to write a Blog, but they don’t feel capable of managing all the PC technology. I tell them that there isn’t much technology involved and if they want a hobby or a way to keep up with remote family, they should try it.

WordPress has a free Blog system that is very similar to what I use for Chiriquí Chatter. I have started another Blog. Beneath The Baru. and I put it on the free version of WordPress.

I am going to try to write some simple instructions that should give you a start, if you are interested in trying your hand at blogging.

BOOKMARK Gets Ready For The Holidays

BOOKMARK in Dolega

I received an email from Hal at the BOOKMARK this morning. As you probably remember from my previous post, Hal has enlarged the BOOKMARK to provide more space to exhibit the books better. As Hal has noticed, it has been a while since I have been to the BookMark and I am running a little short of reading material. It is on my “To Do” list to get up there.

I am sure that Hal will be happy to know that I have a copy of the new Grisham book that will be coming in another month. When I finish it I will let Hal have it so others here in Chiriquí can read it.

For English language books, Hal has no real competition. And if you are real lucky, you may go when he has some avocados. His email follows:


Finally got all my shelves in, whew, but we are still rearranging the store. Hoping to get ceiling in new section before end of November. Would like to see the place looking good for the holidays. Stop by and have a look when you are heading up to the fancy restaurants, etc. in Boquete. Still get customers stopping in, who read about store in Chatter.


Don’t worry Hal. I will get by one day soon and see the progress you have made and take a few photos.

The Vote For The Big Dig

The vote is today for the expansion of the Canal. Voting in Panama is a very serious thing both for referendums such as today’s and for governmental offices. All sides fiercely try to get their vote out. It is interesting that they shut down all alcohol sales midnight before the voting offices open. No alcohol will be sold all day.

My expectation is for the “Yes” vote to carry. I think expanding the Canal is something that should happen, but I am not sure that all costs are accurately forecast or all ecological effects are understood. My gut tells me that it will take longer to build than forecast and cost more than is forecast and there will be more ecological effect than forecast.

None the less this is an historic day in Panama. 6:00 PM will be an anxious time for many today.

The vote was a landslide. 79% yes to 20% no. I drove by a voting location in David, but there wasn’t many people there. I have since read that the turnout was low.

Another Jam

Fragata has become one of my favorite jams that I purchase at El Rey. It is produced in Spain and extremely good. I like all flavors with maybe the exception of “Lemon”. It is too acid for me.

I noticed the other day that El Rey had a new diet flavor so I picked it up. I must watch my figure don’t you know!