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Christmas Shopping Is Here

I just noticed that I took a couple photos the other day that I had not posted. Now how did that happen.

I was at PriceSmart and they have a pool table that they don’t normally have. It is obviously here for Christmas. The price looks good. Wish I had a room to put it in.

I also noticed that the pumpkins have been moved and one was turned into a jack-o-lantern. Again, this is not a normal vegetable in David.

Misty Look Rules!

As you all ready know, I decided to use Misty Look as the theme for Chiriquí Chatter. I feel that I should give some special credit to Sadish for making it available for WordPress users. I would also like to thank Sadish for the outstanding way he supports the users in their tailoring it to their own personal needs.

Great product and great support! You can’t beat that combination with a stick.

Chiriquí Chatter Photo Albums

I use a product called Coppermine for the home of the Chiriquí Chatter photo albums.

It is organized by year and within year by album. The navigation of Coppermine is not the most intuitive. The 2006-year has flowed over into the second page of albums and they are easily overlooked.

I just thought I would mention that in case you hadn’t spent too much time in the photo albums. Many of the photos that are in the blog are in the photo album, but in a larger format. In case someone would like a particular photo in the native form, which is pretty large, all you have to do is ask. I have no problem sending you one as long as it is not going to be used for commercial purposes.

The albums also have photos that are not contained in the blog. Some albums contained too many photos and what appeared in the blog was a subset. I also have an album of photos I took on a trip to Lima Peru. Enjoy.

There is a tab on the blog to the photo albums and a tab in the photo albums to the blog.

Panama End Point

My friend, Jerry, who recently moved to the Cerro Punta area, has gotten his blog started. He is still feeling his way with WordPress, but I think he is off to a good start. Living in such a beautiful area, I encouraged him to start a blog so that others could enjoy what he is enjoying.

He called his blog Panama End Point and his main page has a photo reflecting the name. You might drop in on Jerry and let him know that the word is out that Cerro Punta is on the Internet and you want him to share a lot of photos. I am sure he wouldn’t mind knowing what you would like to know more about or see more of in his part of the world, so leave him a comment.

Here was what he woke up to this morning.

Mystery Illness In Panama Update

For those interested in the latest information on the problem plaguing those that depend on the Social Security for medicine, here is the latest from the Associated Press.

Contaminated Medicine Kills 34 in Panama
Oct 27, 7:27 PM (ET)


PANAMA CITY, Panama (AP) – First comes nausea and diarrhea. Then the facial muscles relax, followed by kidney failure, paralysis and often death. It’s a medical crisis in Panama, where contaminated cough syrup, antihistamine tablets, calamine lotion and rash ointment have killed 34 people since July. More than 40 others have been hospitalized, at least half in critical condition.

The government has recalled 24 types of medication produced by Panama’s national health system, suspended production at all government pharmaceutical factories and even gone door-to-door to issue warnings and collect contaminated products.
But people keep dying.

“We are facing a crisis,” said David Abrego, director of a government clinic evaluating hundreds of people who fear being poisoned. “The people are apprehensive. There’s a lot of tension and nervousness.”…

For the entire article, go here.


For the last hour, C&W has been almost unusable. I am convinced this is a technical problem and not just a capacity problem. I think C&W is dropping packets. I understand they had been using a protocol that is avoided in the states because of the lack of reliability, to prevent VOIP. What ever their problem is, I wish they would fix it or just go out of business.

Living With Adversity

Last night I watched the Katie Couric interview with Michael J. Fox on the CBS Evening News. I don’t watch CBS by choice. I would rather watch one of the other networks for news, but that is the only major US network news available to me. I still am not a Katie Couric fan and it appears that not many are, since CBS’s rating has dropped like a rock into third place. But I digress. Katie Couric is not the reason for writing this piece.

I have always been a Michael J. Fox fan. He appears to me to be one of those rare people that never let fame and fortune go to his head. When he developed Parkinson’s Disease and became an advocate for finding a cure for this disease my admiration for him continued to increase. When one is faced with adversity, it is very easy to feel that you are a victim and dwell in world of self-pity. Continue reading Living With Adversity

Faces, Stamps, Ships And Canals

Today I came upon an interesting piece of information on one of the Yahoo bulletin boards. Credit goes to “Leo” for knowing about this and sharing the information.

I am sure that you know that Helen of Troy is recognized as a lady of such beauty, that her face launched a thousand ships and she is credited as being the reason for the Trojan Wars. But did you know that a Nicaraguan stamp, which depicted the smoking volcano Mount Momotomb, was used to convince the US congress to vote in favor of building the Panama Canal over a plan to build a canal through Nicaragua. Continue reading Faces, Stamps, Ships And Canals

Dr. Pepper In Panama City

I have been searching for Dr. Pepper in Panama since I heard that it was in Panama City. I originally heard that El Rey carried it, but I have looked in two El Rey stores in PC and neither had it. Today I received an email with the names of the stores that do carry it. Here is the email.

Dr. Pepper is sold here in the Capital at FOOD MART for $2.95 6/pk 12oz can from the USA. Food Mart as two stores, one on Via Brasil down from Price Mart, their telephone number is 214-7039 and the other store is located on Tumba Muerto (Via Ricardo Alfaro) in the Plaza Mirage and their telephone number is 236-9164.

Now that I know where it is, I will stock up on my next trip to Panama City.

Thank you to the individual that sent me the email.