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On Sunday, I received a phone call from C&W inviting me to pay $7.00 more a month and double my speed from 256 to 512. I had to laugh. I told the person that called, that my 256 connection was only providing around 80 or less a lot of the time. My question to her was if they couldn’t provide what I am contracted for, why would I think it would be different if I upgraded.

I told her it had been bad enough lately that I was seriously considering testing Cable Onda. She told me that C&W had been doing a lot of work in order to provide the increased speed and that was the reason for the recent disruptions. I told her I would keep what I had for the moment and monitor their performance for an improvement.

Hopefully she was right and performance will improve.

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  1. I have Qwest DSL and sort of had the same experience, except Qwest is awesome! The bad thing is that you literally have to be a certified public accountant to understand the charges on your statement. The sales lady from Qwest is always trying to sell you new services, I told her Its a shame when you have an awesome product and a customer won’t buy anymore services for NO other reason than the statement is impossible to understand! Probably due to the Government I would assume.

  2. Hi SE.

    I can understand my C&W statement without a problem. I hope that C&W gets past this current problem. I was actually happy that she called and gave me a reason that might account for my current poor performance.

    When it is running properly, I am a happy camper.

  3. I tell you what: I used to feel the same about Qwest in fact I dropped them all together about 4 years ago and CUSSED them out over the phone! Watched on the news shortly after that, they had a huge corporate shake up at the top reorganized and tried them again, like night vs day! Huge change in customer support and attitude, more friendly! I give two huge thumbs up for Qwest!

  4. If I move to Central America, I MUST have (dependable) high speed internet. Most everything else I can do with out, cell phones, cars etc. Hey Don switch to that other company and keep us informed on their service and support.

  5. I am currently a little leery about changing. My dad’s words about “Jumping out of the frying pan into the fire” rings in my ears.

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