Plaza El Terronal Phase II

I got to ARROCHA and they were in the middle of an inventory and I needed to wait about 30 minutes. Having some time, I walked over to AudioFoto and visited with my friend Alvaro. He told me about the second phase of El Terronal that is underway. The next phase is supposed to have six more stores and complete in September of 2007. They are Lumicentro, Felipe Mota Wine Store, Movistar, Conway, and Subway. I asked if the last was going to be Dunkin’ Donuts, which I had heard was going to be there. He said no, he had heard it was going to be Cinnabon.

I mentioned that I thought that Conway was now in downtown David. He said that was Cosway and it is because I looked up the post I did on the store. He said many stores name their stores similar to larger stores in Panama because they want to capitalize on the name recognition. He said that AudioFoto has a large store in Panama City and in the next block is another store named AudioFoto with a different suffix.

Alvaro, took me up on top of AudioFoto to see the current status of the phase II construction. In this first photo, you see the trees behind the pile of dirt? That is close to the Fiesta Motel. Construction of all of Plaza El Terronal will eventually go all the way down that hill.

Here is the next photo looking a little more to the left.

And here is the last photo, looking to the far left.

Thanks Alvaro for giving me the birds eye view of the next phase.

While I was talking to Alvaro, he told me that not long ago he heard from some friends of his that live in Houston, Texas. He was surprised to learn that they had seen him on the Internet. He said they were long time family friends of his and avid readers of Chiriquí Chatter. The Internet has made the world a small place.

So here is a “BIG HELLO” to Houston, Texas and Venice, Olga, and Berta Laporte from Alvaro and me in David, Chiriquí.

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  1. Mr Don Ray.
    Thank you, and thoughtful friend Alvaro for the greetings from Chiriqui.
    Your site is very informative and detailed.

    The Laporte sisters

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