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On my way home I stopped by Furniture City and talked with Patricia Espinoza. I asked her if she had ever looked up the Furniture City post on my blog, after I had taken photos of the store. She said she had and she had seen the photos, but then they disappeared the next day. Luckily she had an Internet terminal in the store and we went over so I could show her how to find the post again.

I showed her that she could put “Furniture City” in the search area for the blog and click on “search” it would bring up all posts that contained those words. Sure enough one of the posts was the one in which I had taken photos inside the store.

I then showed her how, if you click on the post’s title, it would bring up that post and the address in the browser was a “permalink” address and would always be good. Patricia speaks very good English, which was lucky for me, because explaining this in Spanish would have been more difficult.

Because of today’s experience, I thought I would write another post on permalinks. If you see a post that you want to send to someone else, or if you want to bookmark a post’s address, then just click on the title of the post you want to save. Then when the page loads in your browser, you can bookmark that page or cut the URL from the address area of the browser and paste it in an email.

Remember if you want an address that will never change – Permalink Permalink Permalink.

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