Lunch At TGI Friday’s

Since I am a little early for my appointment at ARROCHA, I decided to have one of the lunch specials at TGI Friday’s. Gosh, it is almost like I planned it that way.

TGI Fridays is ready for Halloween tomorrow night. They are decorated to the hilt. Here is how their decorations look. Notice all the cobwebs!

Here are three of the waiters today in their Halloween getups. That is Nadya on the left, Samuel in the center, and Cindy (my waitress) on the right.

As I was reading the menu, I noticed that you could meet Freddy Krueger tomorrow night. Or I guess it would be more correct to say that you can have a Freddy Krueger tomorrow night.

I ordered clam chowder, chicken fingers, a bottomless diet coke and vanilla ice cream for dessert. The other soup today was Sancocho ( the traditional chicken soup of Panama). When my soup came out it was Sancocho instead of clam chowder. I had a spoonful before I realized that they had made a mistake. It was really good Sancocho. I have had Sancocho at KFC and it is not all that great. This was very good, but not what I ordered.

My clam chowder came and it also was very good right down to the last drop. When I saw the clam chowder, I could see how they could make a mistake, because it looked similar in color to the Sancocho.

The chicken finger plate was also very good.

I didn’t take a photo of the vanilla ice cream, but you know what that looks like any way. I had such a great time today, I had my photo taken with two of the lovely young ladies.

My meal, after my jubilado discount, came to $5.70.

Having my photo taken with two beautiful young women – priceless!

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