ARROCHA Appointment Postponed

Leaving AudioFoto, I headed down to ARROCHA. Last night I had spoken with a very nice lady that was the store manager, and told here I would like to take photos that show all of the decorations that ARROCHA has put up for Christmas. The manager told me that it was against store policy for any photos to be taken in the store. I gave her one of my cards and asked her if she would please contact the decision makers in Panama City, give them the Chiriquí Chatter web address and have them look up the blog and ask for permission for me to take photos. She said she would and to come back today.

Today, I spoke with another nice lady and she had been expecting me. She said the manager that I had talked to last night had contacted Panama City and they were evaluating the request. I have to give myself a little pat on the back and tell you that all of the communication I have mentioned above was in Spanish. What is even more amazing is that neither lady fell down on the floor laughing at my Spanish.

With a little luck, in a day or two I should be able to show you how nice the ARROCHA store looks for Christmas. Keep your fingers crossed.

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